Dana Piazzi gives 7 out of 10 pots of gold to Ophiuchus Cube: Book 1 by Hendrik de Jong


Why I read this book: I am a reader of romance books. I rarely stray to horror or sci-fi, so when I saw this book, I decided to take a step outside my comfort zone and read it. I wanted to broaden my horizons.


They knew something was wrong when stars vanished from the sky.
They knew they were right when the sky fell down.

The Cube came to a frightened Earth from the depths of space. The landing was a disaster: occupying half the planet and killing billions of people. Earth fell into chaos. Societies broke down. Many turned to God for answers.

But what now? Is it friend or foe? Who sent the Cube, and for what purpose? Where and when will it attack next? Will the Cube leave, or will it stay?

Against this bleak backdrop a cast of unsavoury characters is unleashed. A racist serial rapist in China terrorises an innocent woman. A manic drug addicted gang-lord in Moscow fights to preserve his dominance. And a religious fanatic in London with a perverted mind and diabolic ideas works towards reshaping the future.

Ranged against them are reluctant Rick, courageous Martin and autistic genius Thomas, who grapple with unlocking the mysteries of the Cube and perhaps saving mankind. But it is a race against time. And a shocking revelation forces everyone on Earth to choose.

This is a real science fiction novel for real adults.

Ophiuchus Cube (book 1) is the first of a 6 book series. The next installment will be published in 2014.

Publication Date: Jan. 9th 2014; 342 pages; Rinke Publishing

My rating: 7 out of 10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 7

The cover: I found the cover reminiscent of a 1980’s science fiction novel. I do believe it’s relevant to the book showing a green cube structure amidst the city of London, where most of the book takes place.

My thoughts: A lot of things happen in this book. Almost from the beginning, we are introduced to a multitude of characters, and their parts in the story don’t always make sense. It opens with a moment of chaos where a radical religious group called the Children of Abraham are attempting to assassinate a former British official named Rick Favier and his partner Paul. They make a narrow escape before it flashes back to when the chaos started.

It is almost a new beginning of time, the author notating it as year 1, and Rick who is a former addict and lost his post in the government is relaxing by peering into the sky with his telescope and notices a star missing in the Ophiuchus constellation. Soon more stars disappear and a research team is created to investigate the disturbance in space. It is soon learned that a cube is descending towards Earth, though it isn’t made public knowledge.

It becomes a debate between Faith and Science and society begins to deteriorate long before the alien object makes it into our atmosphere. The main characters we meet besides Paul and Rick are Simon Waltz, the leader of the Children of Abraham. He hates Rick for denying the existence of God as well as for being gay. Martin, Rick’s friend, is an assistant to the Prime Minister, who falls in love with Colin, the assistant to the President of the United States. Isadora is Rick’s friend and former girlfriend. She has two children and is divorcing her husband. Her oldest son, Thomas is autistic and feels a connection with the Cube.

In addition, we meet a Russian drug dealer and pimp, we meet a Chinese scientist, Jiang,  wrongly accused of treason and his wife, along with General Tuan, the crooked Chinese official who attempts to ruin him. Gustavo, Isadora’s nephew from Brazil is in love with a woman named Zaira, but secretly earns his living as a gay for pay male prostitute. It isn’t obvious what the importance of all these characters are, but we do learn that they are all on the same course of fate.

The effect the invasion has had on the planet is dangerous. No one knows how they’re ecosystem will hold up when Thomas discovers the Cube is in countdown mode to leave the planet.When the Cube is discovered as inhabitable with water and a food substance as along with sources of light and energy, all of these characters converge into the alien transport, eagerly awaiting the journey it will take them on.

I enjoyed the story as much as a non-sci-fi reader can. It was interesting, but a little overwhelming. Even though there are several characters who are gay in the book, it isn’t a key point in the story except to inspire more hatred from the Children of Abraham. They are used to show the ignorance of the religious group, and are slurred more often than they are shown in any physical contact. And even though I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of this genre, I did think that it was a very interesting concept, and I am interested in finding out what will happen as the Cube leaves, to the people aboard and those left behind. I think any person who enjoys science fiction will enjoy this book. It touches on the relationships of the main characters, but doesn’t go into much depth. It is more about the plot and the story of the cube.

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