Bethany gives 10/10 pots of gold to K-lee Kleins Unbroken Hearts

Why I read this book:Well since the first one tore me in two, I needed something to ease the pain.


JT Campbell knows Brett Taylor’s proclamation of love a few months earlier was true and honest, and Brett’s nothing if not sweet and attentive. But when the most romantic day of the year rolls around and Brett seems to be ignoring it, JT finds himself drowning in disappointment. Growing up, JT was never allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day and was taught to reject the sappy, fake sentiments of the holiday. But would it be too much to expect Brett to at least acknowledge the day?

On top of that, JT can’t help but feel uneasy about the one huge reminder still standing on the ranch of Brett’s old lover. JT tries hard to pretend it doesn’t bother him, but he worries that as long as it’s there, Brett will never fully be able to let Walt go and move forward with JT. Can an unexpected show of love and commitment soothe JT’s fears?

Pot Of Gold 10star

I can not tell a lie, Unbreak My Heart tore me up before it put me back together. But when Karrie said “read Unbroken Hearts, it will make it better” I listened. It was held together by a band-aid, raw from the emotional wringer. But this, this beautiful, sweet, hug-in-a-book, story was the medicine that allowed me to take the band-aid off and let my heart heal. And that is exactly what it did.

There are things in the first book that were left up in the air, things that I needed to see resolved. And that is what K-lee does in this one. She gave me that closure I needed on that issue. She gave me the boys I feel in love with in book one, gave them a chance to heal and be content in their relationship. Did it come easy? Nope, but it was fun to read.

This was a side of JT that we didn’t see in the first one, a side that made me very happy. Why, cause he was just so composed in book one, and this one you get to see a side of him that makes him normal. And Brett, oh I love you Brett, you see a side of him that stops you and makes you say, yea he is gonna be ok.

I need you to be here so you can give me a start, to show me just how to unbreak my heart.

Yes this one also had me in tears, they were the cleansing tears. The kind that is necessary to not only wrap up the first book, but the kind that says it is ok to move forward. The past is the past but I get to take the memories with me, and live in the now and the future. So if you have not read Unbreak My Heart, get that one read it, but have this one on deck to make it better.

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