Laura gives 9/10 pots of gold for Josh Lanyon’s I Spy Something Bloody

Why I read it:  I chose this book because I was looking for a story full of action and excitement with a little lovin’ thrown in and Josh Lanyon never disappoints.  I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but honestly, when I was flipping through his covers, this one just jumped out at me, it is sexy, dark and mysterious.  Reading the blurb only confirmed what I already knew, that I must read this book!


I spy something bloody

The blurb:

“Stephen, I’m in trouble . . . “

The voice on the phone was the last voice Dr. Stephen Thorpe expected to hear. But ex-lover Mark Hardwicke is injured and in trouble — and Stephen has always had a hard time saying no to this particular brand of trouble.

His cover blown, his enemies closing in, British spy Mark is seeking sanctuary with the man he never stopped loving. But there’s a new man in Stephen’s life, and Stephen’s not interested in hearing Mark’s explanations or excuses — let alone playing doctor with him.

Something went terribly wrong on Mark’s last mission. Something he can’t bring himself to think about, let alone talk about. But he better start talking soon because not only is Stephen losing patience fast — someone wants this spy left out in the cold.

Published June 24th 2008 by Loose Id, LLC

My thoughts:

The story is told completely from Mark’s point of view and I must admit, so often I was wondering what was going on in Stephen’s head.  I admit, the not knowing just heightened the story and left me feeling some of the confusion and genuine longing to know what was going on in Stephen’s head.  Mark’s emotions were so strong, they tugged at my heart and left me feeling raw; I could feel the longing and desperation as if it were my own.  Lanyon’s writing is so powerfully direct and emotional without being wordy and cliché, my favorite qualities in an author.

There aren’t many supporting characters in this story, and I don’t think they were needed.  The characters we do meet, although not playing a large role in the story, are well-developed.  With only a few appearances, I was still left understanding how important both Lena and the Old Man were to Stephen and Mark.  Conveying such depth of relationships in minor characters is difficult to do well, but again is something I feel Lanyon always does brilliantly.

Overall, this story was a rollercoaster of emotions: sadness, hope, rejection, tenderness, fear, acceptance and so many more I won’t continue to list.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a lot of emotion with a dash of action and suspense packaged in a quick little read.

9/10 pots of gold

Where to buy: Amazon, Nook, ARe

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