Bethany gives 8.5/10 pots of gold for Toni Griffin’s Determined Mate(Holland Brothers #2)

Why I read this book:Because I LOVED the first in the series, and couldn’t wait for this one.
Jason Matthew’s is a broken man. He’s lived through hell and barely come out the other side. All he can thing about is getting to his best friend, Brian, after that he has no idea. Jason’s scared out of his mind when he’s met by not only Brian but two large men as well, he does the only thing he can think to do. He tries to run. One of the men, though, turns out to be his mate. A mate he is in no condition to have or want, a mate that won’t allow him to flee.

Alex Holland is forced to stand by and watch as Jason is taken to the safest place they know, too scared to be around him. He knows something bad has happened to Jason and he’s going to need every ounce of his Alpha control to give his mate the time he needs to heal and start living again.

Jason decides its time to visit his best friend Brian and his mate Marcus. But first a trip to the newly open gay club, where he is spotted and outed to his parents and pack. Both of which decide to disown him and kick him out of his pack. But something happened at the club that leaves him terrified of tall, large, muscular men.

Alex is your typical tall, large, muscular alpha. The very type that makes Jason want to run and hide. So when Jason pulls up to the house that Brian shares with his mate Marcus and his 3 tall, large, muscular brothers can you guess what happens? Yep Jason is Alex’s mate and Alex wants to claim his mate like NOW. And when he tries to keep his mate from bolting from him it sends Jason into a full-blown panic attack which forces him to shift against his will. Knowing that Jason can not be in the house with all the very tall, large, muscular men, they decide it would be the best if Jason stayed with Alex’s parents.

When Brian finally convinces Jason to have Alex over for dinner, the sparks fly. And while Jason is still very intimidated by Alex, his wolf wants nothing more than to give in. Eventually he does and holy moly is it HOT!!! This doesn’t mean that it is easy, Jason still has trust issues and things he needs to work through.

I love how devoted to Jason Alex is and how he helps him overcome some of his fears. But their trouble is not over. The man who caused Jason harm in the first place is back to make sure he can not identify him. Thankfully they have mated and can communicate silently, and Jason sends out an SOS. Well all I can say is I would not want to be on the receiving end that very pissed off alpha and his three upset brothers.

In my opinion this one was better than the first, just because it seemed to have a stronger story lone. Albeit, a darker story line that some might not like, but for me it worked. I wanted to wrap Jason in a blanket and rock him, and keep him safe. Though I sadly will have to leave that to Alex. So should you read this book? Well duh, I mean Alex is drool worthy and Jason is too stinkin cute for his own good. So yea go, get this book, read it and fall in love with them just like I did.

Pot Of Gold 8half

Where to buy:
Mischief Corner Books
Barnes and Noble

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