Find-A-Rainbow Day Scavenger Hunt. Look for our logo, discover new authors and win PRIZES


YESTERDAY was the official Find-A-Rainbow day and we started our Hunt.

From the answers we got, I think it is necessary to extend it a bit to give y’all some more time to find the correct locations.

If an author added our icon to their side bar or used it in their post to announce the contest – that one doesn’t count. It has to be hidden somewhere =)

Jean Erhardt is having trouble getting the icon to display, so please skip #4, until the author comments that the image is hidden.

AND lastly, we have added a simple form at the end of this post, so you can tell us where you found each Icon.

OR you can comment to let us know how many rainbows you found and in the event you win, you can describe where you found them to us.

Unfortunately, it seems like I can’t get the Information of who voted in the poll to show, so the poll is just for fun, now.



RULES: Click on the links and search for our Rainbow Gold Icon somewhere on the blog or website.

Write down the location where you found each icon, but don’t share the information.

The more Icons you find, the higher your chances to win 🙂 But even if you didn’t find them all, there is still a good chance you will win a prize 🙂

Share the # of Icons you found in the comments or the contact form.

You have UNTIL 2 am CST/ CDT – That will give y’all another 12 Hours 🙂


POLL: Vote for fun to see how you are ranking 🙂 ❤


Participating Blogs/ Websites:

Freddy MacKay

Bronwyn Heeley

Toni Griffin

Jean Erhardt [SKIP- No Icon Yet]

Sara York

Andrew Jericho

Carly Rose

Eloreen Moon

K-lee Klein

Wendy Hoffman


Andrew Grey

A.E. Via

 Vicktor Alexander

Brandon Witt

Taylor Law

Z. Allora

Christopher Koehler

Tamsin Flowers

Sarah Madison

Caddy Rowland

Nic Starr


eBook by Freddy MacKay (single release backlist)

4 consecutive eBooks by Bronwyn Heeley

A copy of Protective Mate: Holland Brothers book 3 in ebook format by Toni Griffin

an eBook of Small Town Trouble by Jean Erhardt

eBook Copy of Pray the Gay Away by Sara York

PDF copy of Something Beautiful by Andrew Jericho

Ebook copies of Unbreak My Heart & Unbroken Hearts as a set, or if the winner prefers, a print copy of Unbreak My Heart or an ebook from K-Lee Klein’s backlist

winners choice of any of the Assassin/Shifter books by Sandrine Gasq-Dion gifted from Amazon by Wendy Hoffman

eBook copy of The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Tinnean

eBook of Love Comes Home by Andrew Grey

e-copy of  ‘Nothing Special’ by A.E. Via

one free book from backlist or a free copy of Dakota (when it releases from MLR on April 11th) by Vicktor Alexander

e-version of Submerging Inferno by Brandon Witt

$20 Gift Card to either B&N or Amazon (reader choice) by Taylor Law

e-book copy of Subtle Innuendo by Z. Allora

Winners can have any book from Christopher Koehler (any of his five DSP titles or both of his short stories published by MLR Press as a set)

winner’s choice of an ebook/story from Sarah Madison’s backlist

free ebook copy of House of Pleasure in .mobi or epub, (series with gay secondary and main protagonist)


Pot Of Gold RGR

Please tell us where the Icons are hidden! on the different blogs and sites:) –> FILL OUT FORM OR COMMENT WITH THE NUMBER OF ICONS YOU FOUND

28 thoughts on “Find-A-Rainbow Day Scavenger Hunt. Look for our logo, discover new authors and win PRIZES

  1. Thanks for posting the different time zones, I was trying to remember how far ahead Chicago is of me (Los Angeles), can’t wait to hunt! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, I updated the page 🙂 As you find the Icons, feel free to vote for each Icon number you found to keep track. Multiple answers and re-vote are now active 🙂


  3. *breathes out* panic over. Apparently all websites need to be in the http://www. format. Which not all links were. So I’ve now fixed all the links 🙂 And tested them all. It should work fine now. Tip: right click -> open in new tab!!! That way you have this post open 🙂

    Hope you are having fun and have found some nice new sites 🙂


    • Note the locations on a paper. Vote on the poll to enter and if you win you will have to tell us where you found them. If you want you can also use the contact form on our blog with scavenger hunt as subject line 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Just wondering, every link should definitely have the icon somewhere right? Have any maybe forgotten to put it up? I’ve gone to one site with only a few pages and it is not on any page 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  5. It *was* fun! When do winners get announced? The formatting of the URLS looked kind of weird when I submitted my answers using the feedback form on the 4th, and I just wanted to find out if I did it right…


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