Eloreen Moon gives 8/10 pots of gold for “Transgression” by Theo Fenraven

Why I choose to read:

The book was provided by the author to RGB for the purposes of an honest review.  Thank you, Fen.  It captured my attention with a little mystery, romance, and the two different gender identifications of bisexual and transgender men.

Transgression 300x469


Zachary Fox can’t sleep.

His acting career is taking off. Public recognition is picking up. Now
more than ever, he understands how key reputation is to his success.
But his relationship with his co-star, Kris—arranged around
publicity rather than genuine feelings—is suffocating him. She once
understood his needs, but her demands are beginning to grate with
every shrill order she gives.

Zach has a secret. The breakout star of a new medical series, he’s
been hiding his orientation from co-stars, friends and family, the
studio, and his fans.

On the recommendation of a friend, Zach seeks out Sky Kelly, a
well-connected herbalist whose concoctions are natural magic, as is
her stunning beauty. On the surface, she has it all: her own house, a
thriving business, and good friends, but the things she had to do to
get there are a time bomb ticking away, and when it goes off, she’ll
be teetering on the edge of a chasm that can put her right back where
she started.

Sky has secrets. Like, she’s got a Y chromosome and the original
equipment to go with it. Like being a highly paid escort. Like, if
Zach is seen with her in public, it could ruin his career. Like
someone becoming so obsessed with Sky, that obsession threatens them

Secrets… everyone is hiding something, and instead of finding The
One, it could be The End.

My Thoughts:

The blurb caught me.  Well, the description of a bi-sexual man, Zach Fox, and a transgender woman, Sky Kelly, in a suspense/mystery piqued my interest and the blurb confirmed it.  It was its own unique story of a couple that meet when Zach’s friend Andy takes a drunken Zach one late evening to an herbalist Andy knows, Sky, to get something to help Zach.  Zach is an up-and-coming closeted actor on a new hospital series and he hasn’t been sleeping well lately.  Since nothing seemed to be working, including getting drunk, he decides to go along with it.  They meet, and the sparks fly.  We see Zach’s struggle with his bisexuality and his attraction to Sky, having been “dating” his female co-star on the series for several months prior.  The story flows, almost seamlessly, from that relationship into this new relationship with Sky as secrets are revealed, some more dramatically than others.  I love the directness between Sky and Zach; and how, for the most part, Zach accepts her past as she accepts him.  The imagery of the writing was good but it felt like something was missing in the transitions of some parts of the plot.

With that being said, I couldn’t put it down.  I started the book thinking it would be a light mystery story and got sucked in to the nicely complicated weaving of characters, supporting characters, and the mostly internal trials and tribulations they went through to get to their happily ever after.  It was not as much of a mystery, or as suspenseful, as I would prefer, but it was a wonderful story that progressed very well in spite of what I felt were not enough showing, instead of telling, of plot details.  Overall, I give this story an 8 out of 10 pots of gold.


Pot Of Gold 8

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