Bethany give 8/10 pots of gold for Lisa Worrall’s Un-Expected

Why I read this book:Simple, I loved Laurel Heights and Unshakeable Faith both by Lisa Worrall, so I jumped at the chance to read this one.


Blurb Little Mowbury is a sleepy English village deep in the Cotswolds. The kind of village where you’re only a local if your lineage can be traced back to the dinosaurs. Where you can find everything in the single shop from morning newspapers to dry-cleaning, and getting your shoes mended. And, of course, where everybody knows everybody else’s business. It’s easy to find… you can’t miss it… just ask anyone and they’ll tell you… “It’s left at the crossroads.”

After being dumped on graduation day by the love of his life, Harry Boyd, Micah Lewis returned to the sleepy village he grew up in. Living next door to his mother wasn’t his best idea, granted, but when your heart was broken, there really was no place like home.

Six years later, secure and content in his job as midwife for a local birthing centre, the last person he expected to move into Lilac Cottage across the street from him was Harry Boyd. Seeing Harry again sends Micah into a tailspin and opens wounds he thought had long since healed. Although, Harry himself isn’t the only issue Micah has to face. That would be Harry’s very beautiful and very pregnant partner, Selena. But is everything as it seems?

Pot Of Gold 8

My Review Micah is dumped by the love of his life Harry on their graduation day. What is Micah to do now? Yep, move in next door to his mommy, cause come on when your heart is broken only mommy can make it better. Oh gosh how I loved Micah’s mom, she and the rest of the town are crazy. But in the “small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business” good kind of crazy. I can appreciate that since I live in a small town. The secondary characters are absolutely wonderful. In some books I feel they either play too big a role, or too small, not in this book. They balanced the story well, especially Micah’s best friend, Sarah. I adored the relationship between them, and man can I just say, girls got a potty mouth and I LOVE it.

Now Harry and Micah, I wanted to wrap them in a hug and make it better. I’m going to say this now and put it out there. I love stories when the mcs break up and spend years apart before they get back together. So when Harry gets Micah back, oh the heat they create. So happy ever after right? Not yet cause the really bad thing that tore them apart is back and determined to make sure they stay apart. I love that all Harry wants is to protect Micah, and that is the same thing that Micah wants. You can feel their connection and it made my heart very happy.

Now I did have trouble with some of the phrases and words, but that didn’t take away from the story at all. The one thing that did bother me some was the POV. It is written in third person POV, yes but I felt like it was in Micah’s first person POV. And I caught myself a lot of times reading it like that. It’s not a bad thing, it just threw me sometimes and I had to remind myself it was a third person POV book. But I know this will be a book I will re-read often, just as I do Laurel Heights and Unshakeable Faith. Lisa Worrall knows what she is doing when she writes a book, so go get this one, you wont regret it. I promise.

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