Celebrating Animals & Shifter Romances: “Lucius´s Bite & Ali’s Intuition” by K-Lee Klein

I often thought about how that would be, entering a room, meeting the eyes of somebody and wham you just know this one is The One-does that exist, or not. It helds a certain kind of fasciantion for me, so thankfully I find them in shifter stories, when a shifter finds his mate. But I love it more, beside knowing who your mate is, when shifters and their mates have to work for their relationship. Today, we celebrate Animals & Shifters!!!

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Luciu´s BiteBlurb:One bite has never been a life changing decision but it is now — to bite or not to bite that is the question.
All Lucius needs is his family. They might be a mismatched and unconventional group but they’re the only “real” family he knows and wants. What Lucius doesn’t need is the strange, beautiful man who arrives as a last minute dinner guest and knocks him and his wolf on his ass, literally.
Just being in the same room with the mysterious Nicu proves disastrous. Lucius knows without a doubt he doesn’t need the havoc Nicu threatens to bring to his predictable, but comfortable existence. But when he stands to lose the man who is tearing his life apart, Lucius realizes he doesn’t know what he needs at all.

Published by MLR Press
Published Date: June 22, 2012
Pages: 195

Excerpt from Luciu´s Bite:

December 24

“They’re dirty and smelly, not to mention nosy and rude. I can’t believe you invited them for Yule dinner.”

“I’ve already warned you more than once, Lucius. We’re part of the human world not the other way around so get over yourself! Another word about it and you’ll be sorry.”

Lucius Moretti huffed out a breath, snorted then smirked while he searched his brain for one more retort. He knew Ali wouldn’t do anything drastic to him anyhow. He was Ali’s Luscious Lucius after all. “Whatcha gonna do, Ali? Turn me into a stinky human?”

He didn’t have time to revel in his amusement since his knees suddenly folded beneath him and he crashed to the floor. He tried to speak but all he managed was a hoarse noise followed by a puff of feathers filling the air. He flailed at the sound of his own voice.

“Trying to say something, Luscious? I can’t seem to make out your words through the mouthful of crow you’re eating.” Ali flipped back his multicolored, waist length hair, rested one hand on his hip and let out an ear-splitting cackle. “Or should I say mouthful of fowl?”

Lucius struggled to voice his anger. A loud “bock” rolled out of his throat, startling him and making him tip over on his newly-formed pencil-thin legs. He fell back on his feathery butt. “Ba-gock!”

That bastard! He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. He fucking did! Lucius was a goddamn chicken-a goddamn chicken with goddamn chicken feathers and goddamn chicken legs. He clucked again in disgust, the sound made him even more frustrated and angry. He moved his arms to flip a double-fisted bird Ali’s way but all he accomplished was a meager flap of his pathetic wings and another burst of feathers into the air.

“Now, now. Don’t get yourself in a flap, love.” Ali chuckled at his own joke and at Lucius’ obvious expense, throwing his lithe body into one of the kitchen chairs. “It’s customary to have turkey for Yule dinner but if you continue to cross me, I have no problem making an exception this year.”

Lucius clucked once in what he hoped was a display of surrender. He was still pissed, but he was a wolf dammit, not some stupid chicken, and there was no way on Earth he was staying that way. How dare Ali turn him into a lowly farm animal simply because he couldn’t handle the truth about his human lover? Humans were to be ridiculed, ignored, and avoided, not invited into the home of supernatural beings with much higher intelligence and wit and, well, everything else.

And not only had Ali befriended and invited the commoner to their home, to what he always referred to as their most important family dinner, but he had been sleeping with him in the room right next to Lucius’. Ali had been subjecting the entire household to raucous barnyard noises and human sex smells simply so he could get his rocks off. There were nights he had to cover his head with his pillow to avoid Ali’s sex talk – on your knees, suck harder, ass in the air, I’m gonna come! It was obscene and made his skin crawl. Lucius had never actually met the man, only seen him when he snuck in at night and out again in the morning, and that alone told him that Ali had to be at least partially ashamed of his choice in species.

Why couldn’t he find someone of his own caliber to bed? Not a wolf of course, they were far too fussy to sleep with witches, but another witch or even one of those friendly vampires that ran the local after-dark beauty salon? Goddess knows Ali spent enough time there keeping himself beautiful. Last year, Ali had even canoodled the ugliest troll known to well… trolls, but his current human far exceeded even that disgusting display in smell and appearance.

“Even as a chicken, I can still hear your wheels spinning,” Ali said, rising from the chair where he’d been casually perched. “Would you like me to think of something even worse than fowl? Or are you going to give up this prejudice bullshit that you have against my lover and his kind?”

Lucius clucked and staggered his way across the floor, skidding to a stop at Ali’s feet. He pecked gently against Ali’s calf, through the long silky material of his robe, and clucked again. He wasn’t giving up, but Ali didn’t have to know that, now did he?

“What do you think would be worse than being a chicken, Luscious?” Balls! The bastard and his psychic hearing. “Perhaps Manny can think of something. He’s always ripe with creative ideas.”

Lucius backed away when Ali called out “Manny” and a scattering of feet scrambled down the hall.

“Holy Christ on a cracker!” Lucius flinched at the voice, ducking his chicken head and moving closer to Ali. “Ali, do you know there’s a chicken in the kitchen? Do you want I should eat it and get it out of the way?”

Lucius gasped in a way only chickens could, more of a regurgitated burping sound than a real gasp, when he heard the crackle-crunch-pop of bones shifting into place and skin stretching followed by the low moan of pain that usually accompanied Manny’s shifting. He looked up, staring bug-eyed-well, chicken-eyed-into the glowing golden orbs of the mountain lion who growled as he stalked closer to Lucius.

“Ba-gock!” Lucius screamed. He flapped his wings to no avail and ran about the kitchen like an actual chicken with its head cut off. “Bock! Bock! Bock!” he continued to squawk, throwing his round, downy body behind Ali’s legs and cowering.

Manny continued to advance on the chicken, lowering his head as he ducked under the table before crawling under the chair, heading straight for the bird. Fear and anxiety ripped through him, his body shuddering and shaking as the head got closer, big white teeth almost smiling as Manny closed the gap.

The mountain lion came nose to beak with Lucius who’d backed up as far as he could into the wall, his little chicken feet scratching madly against the hardwood floor. Lucius squeezed his eyes shut and prayed for a quick death, his entire life rushing past him in a totally cool Technicolor way. It occurred to him he’d never realized chickens could see color. He flinched when hot breath teased over his face before something wet scraped over his eyes… what the fuck?

“Okay, Manny,” Ali’s amused voice called out. “That’s enough. I think we’ve gotten the message across. Stop drooling on the chicken.”

Manny stopped licking and Lucius opened his eyes very slowly. For the love of the goddess, now he smelled like barnyard animal and stinky cat breath. Disgusting. He watched as a grinning-widely, man-Manny returned and the horrible feline disappeared, but he was still apprehensive when he stepped out from behind Ali’s legs. He hoped like hell he hadn’t let loose a pile of chicken turds or even worse laid an egg when he’d nearly been frightened to death. Someone was going to pay for his humiliation and he was already plotting some bad-ass revenge.

Copyright © K-Lee Klein

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Ali´s IntuitionBlurb: If the rough and tumble man at Ali’s door is supposed to be his fate-ordained mate, then he has to wonder what in the Goddess’ name Fate was thinking.
Ali has always dreamed of his spirit mate, someone classy, intelligent and romantic, but the man who faints in his doorway is anything but. Kalo is loud and pushy, with hair more suited to a caveman and manners to match—all wrapped up in one big package of you’ve got to be kidding me. Besides, Ali has responsibilities as mama bear to his den of shifters and that’s where he needs to be. For Kalo, being rejected by his spirit mate won’t be life-threatening. But there’s something about Ali that intrigues him and touches his soul. He’s ready to offer his already-engaged heart with no strings attached, for a chance to change Ali’s mind.

Published by MLR Press
Published Date: September 20, 2013
Pages: 225


Excerpt from Ali´s Intuition:

Chapter One

Ali left his perfectly decorated cake sitting on the table when he followed Lucius and Nicu out of the kitchen. He didn’t leave it out it in the rain like the old song said, but that might as well have been the case. They’d been preparing to cut into the strawberry-stuffed chocolate masterpiece so he wasn’t at all impressed that someone was interrupting the celebration. It was extremely rare for anyone to knock on their door in the first place, and their last two visitors had been more than a little startling-and they still hadn’t left. So excuse him if he wasn’t thrilled to discover who would show up next.

His head ached a little, centered mainly behind his left eye, as it did when a storm was readying an appearance. Despite the day being clear and bright, the barometer in Ali’s head was seldom wrong. He’d have to take some of the migraine medication his doctor had prescribed, just in case he was in for a doozy of a day. Unfortunately, even being a witch didn’t stop the dreaded things from attacking and he couldn’t simply wiggle his nose or zap them away.

He paused to lean against the wall when the slight pain increased sharply. It was no doubt a precursor to the impending force of the migraine, but having one appear so fast was rare. The stark whiteness of the hallway certainly didn’t help, either. Whose idea had it been to paint it that color anyhow?

He hoped the meds could head off the migraine. He didn’t want to ruin the day for everyone else since they’d planned to celebrate Lucius’ and Nicu’s birthdays-and bonding-with a trip into town for dinner and a movie later on.

He sighed and tilted his head, continuing to rub his temple. He’d turned the corner to the living room when he was blinded momentarily by a burst of light inside his head. He slapped a hand to the wall, a wave of instantaneous nausea overtaking him. Better take that damn medicine sooner than later.

As he pushed himself to an upright position again, another loud knock ignited a spark of anger in his brain. He wasn’t in the mood for any more surprises with all the activity and drama Nicu’s arrival had caused. Whoever was at the door needed to go away right now.

“What’s going on out here? The cake is wilting.” His eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open when he entered the living room. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

A large man stood in the doorway-all in black, massive amounts of long thick hair, teased and tangled to within an inch of its life, hanging over his shoulders, and was that make-up he was wearing? Ali’s first reaction was curiosity, his second disgust and his third a repeat of you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. He parted his lips to tell the newcomer he was sadly mistaken by being there, but take care and have a nice day when the man made a strangled sound in his throat then crashed to the floor in the middle of the doorway.

“Oh, for Goddess’ sake. What is it with you wolves and your fainting?”

Nicu had barely been saved from being squashed beneath the man, his concerned face now pressed into the nape of Lucius’ neck as he was held tight.

“Fuck me,” Lucius said as he turned them both toward Ali. “Did I look that stupid when I passed out?”

Nicu shook his head and pulled away from Lucius’ grasp. “He doesn’t look stupid and neither did you, dragosta mea.” He patted Lucius’ arm then looked at Ali. “I guess I should introduce you to my cousin Kalo. He’s not a normal wolf shifter…and he appears to be your spirit mate.”

Ali snorted, tossing his hair over his shoulder then crossing his arms over his chest. A trickle of excitement joined the throbbing in his head, but it wasn’t so much for the man himself, but Nicu’s outright statement of spirit mate itself.

“No shit, Sherlock. Another Roma, I’m assuming? Can you tell me what the hell we’re supposed to do with him? And what, pray tell, is abnormal wolf shifter?”

Lucius smacked Ali on the arm. “What’s with the language, Mama Bear? You’re always giving us hell for it.”

“Don’t even start, Lucius.” Ali huffed out a breath, and bent to grab Kalo’s feet, motioning for Nicu and Lucius to help him. “Let’s get the big lug out of the doorway at least. Don’t want to be responsible for our guest catching cold.”


“Oh, that’s just what we need now,” Ali whispered under his breath as the pitter-patter of feet rushed down the hallway behind him.

Anca Petulengro came flying into the room, all tiny legs and arms and big skirts and shawls. Ali usually found her quite amusing, but right then, while his brain pounded out an annoying beat in his head, and his spirit mate lay unconscious at his feet, she was really the last thing he wanted to deal with.

“Witch boy! What you do to Kalo? Is Kalo? Yes, Niculae?”

Nicu nodded, holding out a hand to his grandmother. “Relax, Bunica.”

Ali opened his mouth to object to the implication-downright accusation really-that he’d somehow hurt the beast in the doorway. “I didn’t-”

Anca gasped dramatically, both hands covering her mouth, glaring wide-eyed at Ali. “But he cannot be…he is not…witch boy is not-”

“How about this?” Ali began, a smirk pasted on his face in an attempt to override the nervous fluttering that had overtaken his body. “Yes, he can. Yes, he is. And yes, I apparently am.”

The answers seemed easy enough to put into simple words, but the implications settled rock hard in the pit of Ali’s stomach.

“But Kalo is-”

Nicu stepped between Ali and Anca, gently taking her hand and leading her away. “If Kalo has things to tell Ali, he must do it on his own. Is that not what you always taught us?”

Anca complained loudly in Romanian and Ali expected her to stomp her feet at some point, but Nicu patiently waited as her temper tantrum subsided. Finally she huffed out a breath. “You knew, Niculae? About your var?”

“No, and I am guessing you did not as well?”

Anca flung her arms in the air, broken English rattling off her tongue. “Kalo’s mate was mystery. Not searchable on charts. Higher ones never reveal him like Nicu’s wolf.”

Ali turned back to the matter at hand, namely the big man dozing in the middle of his open door in the middle of goddamn winter. Damn it! He was certainly cursing a lot. Even his thoughts were wrought with the words he discouraged in his home, and dammit, his head was still throbbing.

“Lucius, will you run and get my migraine medication, please?”

“But I thought we were-”

Ali ignored his objection. “Yell at Kristof while you’re at it, please. I’m sure he can pick it up by himself anyhow. I’ll just try to shove it away from the door so I can close it.”

Nicu’s glare cut Ali to the core. “My cousin is not an it.” Ali had never heard Nicu speak in such a stern a tone, and the look on his face didn’t seem natural to the soft-spoken, easy-mannered man he’d come to know. “You must be aware the headache you are feeling has nothing to do with a migraine.”

“It could simply be a change in the weather.” Ali hadn’t meant to add so much snark to his words but Nicu was pissing him off. It had to be the knife in his head slicing his thoughts to ribbons and making him forget his manners.

Nicu ignored Ali as he knelt down, pressing his hand to Kalo’s forehead. He gently pulled back one of Kalo’s eyelids then peered at the exposed eye. “There’s something…”

Lucius laid a hand on his shoulder. “What is it, Nicky? He’s okay, isn’t he?”

“I believe he will be fine,” Nicu said as he held his position over Kalo, his fingers brushing long, black strands of hair from his face. Ali thought he looked as much confused as concerned, but then again, it wasn’t every day someone had their cousin pass out in their brand-new spirit mate’s doorway.

“If that’s how he looks when he’s fine, I’d hate to see him when he’s not.” Ali cringed at his own remark, honestly uncertain why he felt such distaste for the man at his feet.

“Ali, I would prefer you did not talk in such a way about him.”

Lucius attempted to casually pull Nicu closer. “Nicky, maybe you should leave Ali alone for the moment.”

“No, he’s right. I’m sorry, Nicu.” Ali flicked his hair over his shoulders again, bundling it up and securing it at the back of his neck. “Kristof! Can you come here, please?”

“You could just, you know, wiggle your nose.”

The look Ali shot Lucius made him step back and dip his head, his bare feet suddenly very important and interesting. “Go get Kristof, Lu.”

Ali turned to Nicu again. “Is he supposed to be out for this long? Lucius barely lost consciousness when you showed up and I don’t see that it’s…that Kalo has grown any wolfy body parts the way Lucius did.”

Nicu sounded like he was reading from a text. “Every spirit connection and reaction is different. No one knows how mates will react to each other until that first meeting. He may not go into a shift like Lucius did, but perhaps there will be other signs.”


The stomping of large feet down the hall announced Kristof’s-the Kamoda bear shifter and fourth member of the original misfits’ family-entrance. “You needed me for some…holy hell, there’s a man in the doorway, Mama.”

“Yes. Thanks so much for pointing that out. Would you be a dear and move him out of the way, so we can shut the door and stop warming the neighbors’ homes.”

“What?” Kristof curled up his nose in confusion.

“Just move him to the couch. Thank you.”

Kristof flashed the grin reserved solely for Ali before sliding his hands under Kalo’s passed out body and half-lifting, half-dragging him to the sofa. One power-packed heave and Kalo was plopped unceremoniously onto the leather couch. The big man didn’t move a muscle or make a peep.

“Who is this dude? He’s almost as big as me and he smells really bad…and weird.” Kristof fanned his fingers in front of his face. “Hope he wasn’t selling anything ‘cause I know you don’t like that, Mama.”

“He wasn’t. You can go back to what you were doing now.”

“Waiting for cake?”

Ali groaned. “Right. The cake. I bet all the frosting has melted off and is laying in lumps all around my stunning creation.” He turned to Lucius and Nicu. “Why don’t you boys get Manny and put that poor cake out of its misery. I’ll make a new one later so we can do the whole happy birthday schtick all over again.”

“You sure you’re okay here with Kalo?” There was a hint of suspicion in Nicu’s voice, but Ali figured it was well deserved considering he probably wasn’t rocking out any rainbows and sunshine in his aura.

“I won’t touch a hair on his chinny chin chin.”

Lucius and Kristof guffawed together, then Lucius paused, looking Ali in the eye. “Why didn’t I know he was a wolf before I opened the door? I can usually sense shifters from a mile away.”

Nicu circled an arm around Lucius’ waist. “Kalo’s a special sort of wolf shifter.”

Ali couldn’t resist that little nugget. “Oh yeah. He’s special all right.”

His sarcasm was rewarded with the most disappointed look he’d ever seen-from Nicu. He instantly wanted to take back his words, but short of wiggling his nose and making himself disappear, he had no recourse. He’d have to try harder to hold his tongue since his brain didn’t seem to be communicating with it at the moment.

“Lucius, I really need my-”

Nicu interrupted him. “I’ve not known you to be so judgmental, Ali.”

“And you’ve known me all of what? A week?” Again Ali wanted to retract his words. What the hell was wrong with him? He didn’t like when his mouth spoke before his brain thought.

“Ali!” Lucius stepped into Ali’s personal bubble, something he rarely did. “Nicky was just trying to help.”

Ali dipped his head and inhaled a deep breath. “I’m sorry. You know that’s not how I think. I don’t judge shifters, people, anyone. I do apologize, Nicu. I just don’t feel like…myself.”

“I don’t understand your dislike of Kalo, Ali. I suppose it could be part of the introduction process.”

Nicu had hit the nail on the head. What was it about the stranger on the couch that sent Ali reeling with distemper and disagreement, even suspicion?

“I don’t know if I like him or not since I haven’t actually met him yet.”

Nicu stepped closer. “But you knew you had a spirit mate when you were growing up, did you not?”

“My grandmother told me when I was a child.”

“Did you not dream about him then? See images of him in your mind, how he looked, how he spoke…had feelings about him?” Ali only nodded this time. “I suspect Kalo does not fit into those images?”

“No. Not in the least.” And he certainly didn’t. Ali had never seen nor imagined such a man existed, really. Oh, he’d seen tattoos and piercings and big rugged men before, but never someone like Kalo who even while asleep seemed to demand attention in a dark almost foreboding way. Ali’s dream mate was as far off the Kalo spectrum as was possible.

“Listen. I promise to be nice when he wakes up. You boys go eat that cake I slaved over before Kristof needs his stomach pumped from inhaling the whole thing. I promise to yell if Kalo wakes up.”

Lucius nodded, taking Nicu’s hand in an effort to pull him along. But Nicu hesitated for a moment. “Kalo is a very good man, Ali. I don’t believe the fates would attach such a vital bond if it was not important for both mates’ futures and hearts to be entwined.”

Ali nodded. “Ah, you’re a hopeless romantic, Nicu, but thank you. I’m sorry if I reacted too hastily. Maybe you should take your grandmother into the kitchen too before she washes the skin off your cousin’s face.”

He dipped his shoulder to the couch where Anca was busy spit-washing-using a dirty tissue-Kalo’s smudged eyeliner and scraggly beard.

Copyright © K-Lee Klein

Buy Links: MLR, Amazon, ARe, B&N

About K-Lee Klein:

~~ K-Lee Klein has lived in one part of Western Canada or another for her entire life. She’s a doting mother of three now-grown kids and has had characters and plots running around her head for as long as she can remember. Though she’s fairly new at throwing her original fiction out into the web universe, she hopes to substitute her passion for writing beautiful, emotional men for her previous jobs as a hockey manager/coach, school band volunteer and overall chauffeur.

~~ When K-Lee’s not fully engaged inside her worlds of fabulous gay men, taunting and teasing them until she can’t take it anymore and finally gives into the sappy, romantic side of herself, she can be found with her nose in her eReader or maybe lounging on the couch with a cat on each side watching reruns galore of Criminal Minds or Law and Order: Criminal Intent. She also enjoys cooking shows (but not cooking), fashion reality shows (but not fashion), reality shows in general (oh, the drama) and music loud enough to shake the rafters. Her dream is to live on the cliffs of Newfoundland with a stable full of horses and maybe some lovely stable boys to help out (and for inspiration for her writing), with plenty of room for visitors and a kitchen big enough for her favorite Newfy boys, Great Big Sea, to give rip-roaring kitchen-party performances.

~~ For now she lives with an overly-patient husband who totally does not get her thing for gay men, two spoiled but wonderful sons (who don’t get it either), two also spoiled but beautiful cats, many phone calls with her daughter who has already left the nest, and an abundance of fabulous gay men, large and small, bouncing off the walls of her skull, competing for their turns to tell their stories.

Author Links:

website: http://kleeklein.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klee_klein
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kleemoon?fref=ts


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11 thoughts on “Celebrating Animals & Shifter Romances: “Lucius´s Bite & Ali’s Intuition” by K-Lee Klein

  1. “I often thought about how that would be, entering a room, meeting the eyes of somebody and wham you just know this one is The One-does that exist, or not?”

    This made me laugh a little bit because my husband and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary next month and 10 years together this fall….. the reason it’s funny is because after our first date, this was my thought.

    “What a nice guy; too bad he’s never going to call ME again!” *giggle* He’s on the quite side and I practically talked his ear off! 😀


  2. On a more related note, I always enjoy K-Lee’s books! Like you said, the characters may have found their destined mates, but that doesn’t mean they get to skip down a rainbow-and-roses path to romance. They have a depth of emotion that I find easy to connect with. The challenges presented as opportunities to learn and grow from those experiences…. along with smokin’ hot sexual chemistry of course… draw me in every single time. Thanks for sharing!

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