Anne gives 10/10 pots of gold for Justin South’s “Alex & Drew (The Journey to Love Collection #2)”


Why I read this book:

What made me read this book in the first place was the fact that the author draws the events in his stories from his experiences in real life while counselling abandoned gay youths of Australia. He is showing the problems in a realistic way, but demonstrates at the same time that there could be hope for them. And like South’s first book in The Journey of Love Collection, Alex & Drew hooked me from the first to the last page with it’s dramatic but romantic storyline.



Alex is a lonely, timid and socially backward 18yo country boy who has been sexually abused by his stepfather all his teenage years. 19yo city boy and law student, Drew, happens upon Alex in a distressed state after one such abusive encounter. For Alex, their meeting starts a journey from despair and loneliness through the emotions of his first ever friendship.

Two weeks later Alex calls Drew seeking help from a life-threatening situation. From that moment, Alex and Drew’s lives are forever changed.

This story was originally published under the same title as part of a 2012 Goodreads writing project. The near-1700 direct downloads recorded as at early April, 2014, signify to its popularity. This version contains a variety of content changes and over 10% additional text.


Publisher: Justin South

Publication Date: April 7, 2014; 2nd Edition

Page Count: about 85 pgs


My Review:

Alex is a hurt and lonely young man, who turned distrustful, vulnerable and insecure after years of abuse by his stepfather. On one of those black days he meets Drew. Drew is the new guy around. He is more friendly and lovely to him, than Alex would have expected from anyone after his past experiences. Drew doesn’t see in Alex the dumb and slow minded outsider and misfit, like others do. Drew accepts him as an equal friend and loves to spend time with him. They become close friends and truly fall in love with each other. Then however, the dark secrets of the rape come to light. Does Alex have to fear, whether Drew will still remain at his side? Both their lives will change in a way, neither Alex nor Drew would have expected.
The whole Story is touching and full of feelings. Both characters are lovely and catch the reader from the beginning till the last page. Each one of them is strong in their own kind of way. To watch them fall in love with each other fully as the trust between them grows is romantic and heartwarming.
This is the second book in the Journey to Love Collection but it also can be read as a stand alone. The author again shows up the Problems and ferocities the gay youths in Australia have to fight with. Partially on their own, not many have luck to get the right help or someone to trust like the main characters in his books. South describes in a realistic and believable way, what this young people have been through and presents at the end how the society could help if they wanted – if they just opened their minds a little bit more.
As Mr. South mentioned, part of the proceeds will be donated to charities assisting abused and homeless gay youth in Australia.
After reading his books, some people got inspired to start projects in their own countries, to help such abandoned young men and women. So I think the author did a great Job with this/these book(s) to bring some attention to this big problem nearly every country has to deal with. Not only did I love the book, but I feel like the author really made a positive change and I am proud to do my part to promote it. You really should give the book a try.
My Rating: 10/ 10 pots of gold


Pot Of Gold 10

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