Draven St James’s personal note on Acceptance and Love <3 (HAHAT)

It wasn’t too long ago that I watched one of my beautiful sisters dedicate her life to her amazing wife.  Then I was blessed enough to witness another sister promise her love and devotion to her partner. These events were profound and ones that I carry with me every day. When my sisters came out to me, the first emotion I felt was extreme pride at their bravery to reveal such a private part of themselves to me and to the world. I hugged them, told them I already knew and we laughed in the strength of our love for one another.

I felt that love when I started writing in the LGBTQ genre. I must say that not everyone was open to me writing about M/M love. There were those who couldn’t understand, or didn’t grasp the basics threads that weave every love story together. Yet, my sisters stepped up without fear and supported me. I admit that when it comes to reading my books I have to go all FBI on them and black out the sexy scenes because they want NOTHING to do with cock.  However, at the end of the day a love story, is a love story, no matter the gender.

When asked to write a blog for this hop, I had to chuckle a bit because I’d already sighed up to participate in it on my personal blog. We are all the same.  Why some people are so afraid to admit that is a reflection on them and their fears. Instead, today and every day let us block out the dark thoughts of those who would go against us and celebrate how truly fantastic we are. Their thoughts do not define this community. Go celebrate. Laugh. Love. Lose yourself in the JOY.

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