Teodora gives 9/10 pots of gold to Dangerously Happy by Varian Krylov

Why I read it: The cover. Yes, I’m a huge cover slut and I’m not ashamed to admit it.



Aidan has always played it safe. Instead of pursuing his dream of creating innovative music that makes his soul sing, he settled for a degree in software, a job in a cubicle, and a spot in a generic band with his buddies. 
And he’s always been straight. But when he’s seduced by magnetic local literary luminary Dario, Aidan must decide whether to keep playing it safe, or succumb to a ravenous passion and a nourishing love unlike anything he’s experienced before. Will he find the courage to go after real happiness if it means admitting he’s in love with a man? 
Their journey together isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t safe. Even if Aidan has the courage to admit he’s in love with Dario, can he endure the repercussions of the traumatic event in Dario’s past? 

This novel has mature content and is intended for readers over the age of eighteen. Although this is a story about two men falling in love, there are extended, explicit sex scenes, including some BDSM, m/m/m and m/m/f scenes. There are references to sexual violence which may be a trigger for some readers, although there is no graphic depiction of rape in the book.

My thoughts:

I went into this book without any expectations whatsoever. Varian is a new author to me, so I had no idea what her style of writing was like. And I already mentioned the cover, right?

Dangerously Happy is easily the hottest book I’ve ever read. The sex scenes are amazing! And very frequent! There’s huge variety, too – there are m/m, m/f, m/m/f and m/m/m encounters so that nobody gets bored.

But it isn’t just about the sex. The sex is there because the characters need it to be able to deal with emotional stuff. I don’t want to get into too much detail about the story – I think every reader should experience it the way I did, without any idea what the book is about or what to expect.


I will say this, though – this whole book, from the very first line to the very last, is incredibly sensual. The sex is very graphic, even brutal sometimes, and yet I couldn’t get away from the sensuality of it. The writing is something I haven’t experienced in a long time. Most of the sentences are very long, some a whole paragraph, and I’m convinced this adds up to the sensual atmosphere of the story. If my editor ever sees this book, he’ll have an aneurism. The guy gets twitchy when I use more than 2 verbs in a sentence.

The few two or three word sentences scattered throughout the text stand out and make the words pop out of the page. The effect is incredible.

I loved the raw emotion behind every word, every gesture, every thought. Aidan and Dario are so sweet together. They need each other to be able to sort out their lives, and what each of them has to give is exactly what the other one needs.

I’m not usually a fan of BDSM, I’ve read a few books and I never really liked them, but in this book it was done so well that it didn’t feel like surrender-domination kind of thing. It felt like raw need, and equally raw desire to give what the other needed.

I absolutely loved this book, and can’t wait to read more from Varian Krylov! What an amazing author she is!

My only complaint was that the book suddenly ends at 82% on my kindle, and the rest is excerpts… I was so shocked to see THE END at 82%, wasn’t ready for it and wanted so much more! Not that the book ends with a cliffhanger or anything, it ends very romantic and sweet, but I wanted more! *wink wink Varian*

Where to buy: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble



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