Dana Piazzi gives 8.5/10 pots of gold to Home For The Holidays (The Replacement Guitarist, book 2) @loritoland #giveaway

Why I read this book: We were given the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review, and because the author Lori Toland is our featured author until the 15th of June. I hadn’t had the opportunity to read anything by this author before, but The Replacement Guitarist series was on my wishlist and I’m a fan of “Rock Star” romances so I happily volunteered to read this series.

See my review of The Replacement Guitarist (Book 1) and my review for Into The Fire (Book 3)

Home for the Holidays


Blurb: Book 2 in the Replacement Guitarist series

Jason Stockton and Blaze Shinozuka are looking forward to escaping their hectic rock and roll lifestyle for a relaxing holiday. Their plan seems promising, and the passion between them burns hotter than ever as they keep each other warm despite the icy temperatures.

When a surprise Stockton family get-together threatens to reveal what Jason would rather keep hidden, their budding relationship is put to the test and an impromptu trip to Hawaii makes the differences between them more obvious than ever.

Thanks to two chaotic family holidays and a lot of painful secrets, Christmas could end up being more than their new found love can endure.

And *NEW* The Journey Onward…

Getting back from paradise and being alone is exactly what Jason and Blaze need to build their relationship and break down the barriers between them but nothing is ever that simple. Being in LA means back to work for Jason and Blaze gets a sample of what life will be like as Jason’s partner.

Can loving each other be enough to keep them together? Blaze is finding out how much work goes into keeping a relationship alive and in their darkest hour, they will have to stand united as partners to weather a storm that could devastate their future

The Cover: Again another good cover that well depicts the story and the title.

What I thought: Home for the Holidays picks up exactly where The Replacement Guitarist left off. It is something I appreciate, with no lost months or flashbacks needed to let us know what happened. Like the first book, I found Home for the Holidays to be a sweet romance. Though there are new tensions that surpass the bratty pop star who tried to break them up in book 1.

In this book both Jason and Blaze spend time with each other’s family for Christmas. For Jason there was a lingering tension he had with his parents and a figurative chasm between him and his brother. There was definitely added emotions to this book that I didn’t feel in the first one, and I was really happy that there were attempts to clear the air and move on from the family tension for Jason.

Blaze’s family presented it’s own set of complications for the couple. In the first book we learned that Blaze’s parents didn’t really accept their son’s sexuality and when he comes out to his Grandma she has her own concerns over their relationship.

The aggravations, judgments, and family squabbles do take a toll on the couple as well as Jason’s stubbornness. As the wealthier and older partner in their relationship, he tends to want to protect Blaze, give him things, and keep him away from the problems he is having. Blaze wants to be seen as an equal and be the shoulder for Jason to cry on, and the man he relies on as well. The two do manage to find the strength to move past the holiday hassles but a lingering tension does exist.

For me, I liked this book even more than book 1. I like a book with a little more drama; one that makes you see how the characters handle themselves in bad times as well as good ones. In this book I didn’t notice any editing mistakes. I will freely admit, though, that when I am absorbed in a book, I am not the best at spotting errors. I was definitely more absorbed by Home for the Holidays and would definitely recommend the series as a whole.

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