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Why Dana read it:  I am a fan of gay for you romances, and the tension the main character feels at falling for someone they never thought they would.

Why Tanja read it: It was the blurb which drew me to this book. I couldn´t withstand a gay for you story and it was partly a good one.

This story was offered to RGR in exchange for an honest review.

First Time Brad and Sebastian








Publication Date: May 18, 2014 by Spunk Books


Brad Parker is twenty-six, handsome and successful. He has a great job and a beautiful girlfriend, Melissa Fairfield. They’ve been dating nearly four months and now Melissa wants to take Brad home to meet her parents.

Sebastian Fairfield is captivated the moment he sees his sister’s gorgeous boyfriend. He wants Brad for himself, but there’s a problem… Brad isn’t gay, and he’s dating his sister.

Dana´s thoughts: 

This is definitely she shortest book I’ve reviewed, and I struggled with the want to give it a higher pot of gold rating. Brad and Sebastian’s story has such potential and honestly I would love to read more of them.

At their first meeting, it wasn’t love or even lust at first sight for Brad. He doesn’t even begin to question his sexuality until Sebastian makes a move on him when they are alone. I had to wonder at Sebastian’s nerve, and what made him decide to take what he wanted regardless of the fact that Brad was dating his sister and was straight. I wanted to know if he was purely selfish or if he felt even a little regret at what he was going to do to his sister.

I didn’t feel that Brad and Melissa’s relationship was a shining example of true love, and the ending of it seemed anti-climactic, but it opened the door for Brad to explore the new feelings he was experiencing for Sebastian. I enjoyed the love scenes between the two characters, and was very intrigued when some of Sebastian’s past was revealed. It made him more appealing. I only wish that there was a little more insight into his character and that the story went on a little bit longer.

That being said, it was an enjoyable story, and if you are looking for a shorter read you can fit into your busy schedule, I would recommend it.

6.5/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 6half

Tanja´s thoughts:

Brad dated Melissa for four months so it was finally time to meet the family. Sebastian, Melissa´s brother feels immediately drawn to Brad and he acts upon it. That was a little weird for me….I mean imagine you come to a family meet and got quite aggressively kissed by the brother…too rash. Anyway it confused the living hell out of Brad. Why? Altough he was quite shocked by Sebastian´s behaviour it did not left him cold.

I really liked that you got to see how Brad struggles with his thoughts and lust he has and feels toward Sebastian. He is looking for answers-is he gay, bi, what should he do now….and so on. I loved the part where Brad was checking out other guys just to see if he feels any attraction to them. Since this book is from Brad´s point of view you can expierence right along with him his way through his feelings.

Sebastian on the other side…um…every time he sees Brad he took from Brad what he wanted. It is all consensual, mind you but it was a little too much for me. He redeemed himself a little bit at the end of the book but nonetheless I would have liked some scenes from Sebastian´s point of view for a better understanding of his character.

Melissa, the girlfriend, ice princess, bitch….whatever you get my meaning. Of course it´s simpler for the break up if you don´t sympathise with the character. What confused me though was that Brad wanted to be friends with her. Seriously, why? If you can´t stand the other person you don´t want to be friends with them. Well me at least, I wouldn’t.

Two other things bothered me a little in this story. The first was the first and only sexual encounter between Brad and Sebastian. That felt, for me like they had to work off a list of things they should do in the bedroom. It was way too much for me. The second thing is, I really want to know how Brad and Sebastian´s families are going to react to them being together. So dear author, is there another book coming with those two? I hope so.

Overall it was a nice story with a real gay for you theme. So if you like this, this book may be for you.

6/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 6





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