A little about me ~Tanja

Hello everyone!
I´m 32 years old, live in Austria and became an avid reader as life was hard and I needed a refuge from it. Well life is better, mind you but reading stuck with me and thankfully there are still a ton of books out there waiting for me. In RL I also like to meet with friends and I have a beautiful dog who controls my life ;)…nah she is just a little devil und would probably be diagnosed with ADHD if she were human-so the perfect counterpart to my calm, shy personality.


Why I read m/m, which was the first book and what I like:

If I remember correctly people were talking about “When Love is not enough” by Wade Kelly, so I checked it out, which was by the way my first m/m, read and loved it. Naturally I looked for more books from that genre, stumbled upon the m/m romance group on GR as well as their big event and that´s it – I fell in love. I read a few m/f since then but primarily I´m an m/m reader.
It´s not easy to tell why I read m/m – I enjoy it more than m/f, love the dynamics between men and seriously who could withstand hot man on man action??
For books nearly all goes – contemporary, historical, sci-fi (as long as there is no drawn out talking about technology), love, love, love shifter stories and paranormal. I´m a sucker for angst, dark, ménage, kinky stories as well as hot alpha males and enemies to lovers, rarely read books with children in it and try to avoid books with no HFN or HEA…well there is one big exception as you´ll see under my favourite authors. If books are too cheesy they are not for me as well as father-son incest. Humour is another thing – I like books where I have to laugh out loud but if it is just fluffy and fun with no rough edges or whatever then it´s probably not for me.


Now a few of my favourite authors/books:

Andrew Ashling – his book A Dish Served Cold was a highly mind engaging, well written story where I had to repeatedly check my moral compass. Also great books by him are the Invisible Chains series.

Gilibran Brown – In Memoirs of a Houseboy (4 books) he tells his story about living in a ménage a trois relationship with his two daddies. God he is such a brat but I have too much fun reading his stories to be overly long annoyed with him.

Kaje Harper – she can create wonderful worlds and stories regardless of the length of the book. Her Hidden Wolves series is so well explained that I could easily follow the dynamics of the wolf pack and the interaction with humans. Another example is The Rebuilding Year-loved the way the MC went from friends to lovers.

Santino Hassle and Ais – In the Company of Shadows series…the first book was sometimes slow paced with too much details but it´s so worth it – the characters and world they lived in was brilliant. I could not read another book before I finished this over 4000 pages long series.

Rachel Heimowitz – her (and Heidi Bellau´s) Flesh Cartel Series is one mindfuck after another and I´m hooked…yes still waiting for a HEA or some justice.

Lisa Henry – she can write dub con/non con stories with good plots and me wanting more e.g. The Island, Tribute.

Zathyn Priest – an incredible talented author in my humble opinion, there was not one book from him I didn´t enjoy. Great stories and characters, mostly one of them has a mental health disorder, e.g. The Slayer´s Apprentice, The Statue.

I could go on and on also love J.P. Barnaby, Mary Calmes, Mercy Celeste, S.U. Pacat, Abigail Roux, Alexandr Voinov,…..

You can also find me here:

Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/romanceand.coffee?ref=tn_tnmn

Goodreads – I´m romanceandcoffee there :https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7754152-romanceandcoffee

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