@alexjonesbooks Guest Post and #Giveaway – RGR Pride Celebration #LGBT

RGR Guest Post Gay Pride 2014

by Alex Jones

Confession: I hate labels.  I know it’s human nature to categorize, label and organize our world. It’s what’s given us science and technology, helps us orchestrate rescue missions and put men on the moon. But when it comes to labeling each other… That’s where it starts irking me.

We put labels on people to simplify your world. You had a bad experience with a New Yorker once, so when you meet another New Yorker, you stay away.  Your parents were Republican, and they were intolerant, so you classify all Republicans as intolerant. It’s a simple categorization process: you define someone’s entire being by one or two traits.

To me, that’s the problem. I don’t think you can categorize someone’s entire being with a single label. Saying “I’m gay,” or “I’m a geek,” only captures a fragment of me. I’m also a writer, a parent, an introvert, a history nerd and a dog person. I have accomplishments and guilty pleasures. I have brave moments and not so brave moments. But all of it, together, is me.

We’re all a beautiful mix of a thousand different traits that make us who we are. That’s one thing I love about writing—creating characters that have that depth, who are unique. Jace is different from Mab, who’s different from Dom, who’s different from Chris. They’re all gay men, but stopping at that label would fail to encompass what they are in total.

That’s what I love about Gay Pride the most: we’re all so different from one another. We’re students and teachers, doctors and writers and mechanics. Some are tall, some are short. Some are Christian, some are atheist, some are Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim. Some are British, Russian, Indian, Brazilian. We come in every color of the rainbow. And it’s precisely that diversity that makes celebrating Pride so fun for me. Knowing we are all so different, but we can connect and support one another.

Happy Pride 2014!



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14 thoughts on “@alexjonesbooks Guest Post and #Giveaway – RGR Pride Celebration #LGBT

  1. Its sad theat everyone thinks that everyone fits under one label. Your right just because someone you know was a certain way doesn’t mean eveeryone in the same group falls in the same catagory. Doesn’t matter if you are blue, green, straight, gay, religious, non religious, etc. everyone is still an individual and should be defined by their unique qualitys. thanks for your insight and the giveaway.


  2. Hi Alex! Thank you for the opportunity. I agree with you sexual orientation is such a small part of what a person is as a whole and our society seems to want to force people to identify or represent that single factor. I love that you are recognizing and celebrating the many facets of everyone!


  3. I hate labels everyone is different in lots of different ways so why do people feel they have to label people?



  4. Great post. As a child and teenager, I railed against labels, mostly because other kids in school label you and it sticks. I hated it then, and now I just think it’s narrow minded. You are right, each of us are all kinds of things. Thanks for the great post and the giveaway!


  5. I think the problem is that most people feel safer if they can categorise you, place you in a neat little box and if you fit outside of that box you are sometimes not accepted or they make you feel unwelcome. It has happened to me often enough. Strangely enough I have found more understanding and more acceptance within the LGBT community than I have outside it, but I don’t wish to reverse categorise myself by saying that all those who are not part of the LGBT community are not tolerant and do not accept me as that is not the case 🙂

    Thank you for a chance to win one of Alex Jones books


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