@natsuya_uesugi Guest Post – RGR Pride Celebration #LGBT

LGBT Civil Rights by Natsuya Uesugi

The latest news surrounding the gay marriage debate has the population slowly moving forwards. Yes there are still those that oppose, but this is a question of civil rights, this is not a religious issue and even if it was, someone else getting married has no impact on any other individual except the person they are marrying. The marriage equality movement is gaining momentum with the late breaking cases of judges coming down and declaring marriage bans unconstitutional in the United States. If two people are in love with each other and respect each other and want to get married they should have every right to do that, nothing should stand in the way of their love and willingness to commit to each other be they gay or straight. Muddying the waters with gender in the picture is not right. People are people, two women, two men, a man and a woman, if they love each other, let them express that fully. Some countries in the European Union seem to be ahead of the United States. Still the US moves forward slowly.

Transgender rights are also front and center recently with even transgender teenagers getting in the mix and wanting to express how they feel. No one should have the right to tell someone that they cannot transition. Sex Reassignment Surgery can be cost prohibitive for some people and some insurance companies and doctors will not cover it. There are also hoops to jump through to get hormones, and gender marker and name changes. This is not fair in my eyes. If a male feels female and wants to express as such, she should be able to dress up, get her hair done and go out on the town or just go shopping in her chosen gender and not have to worry about being assaulted. For some passing can be a fundamental issue that causes angst. Be who you are and express it fully. No one should take that away from you.

The science fiction series grydscaen which features gay and trans characters in leading roles has something to say about this. The lead character Lino Dejarre is gay and in the volume grydscaen: war he gets a mate pair which is basically a marriage between psychics. In the story this mate pairing is a political marriage of sorts aligning the Emperor of the Pacific Territories more closely with the Viceroy. Lino is the Viceroy’s son and a Prince and he is mate paired to Gloughster who is the Emperor’s son. In the series there is no stigma over mate pairing one male to another. The stigma lies in mate pairing being between psychics who are in some cases oppressed in the Echelons by the Elite government. But Lino being a Prince, he is technically a part of the royal family and he holds sway over the government when he becomes the SubViceroy in the war book. I wanted to show a strong powerful gay couple in a loving relationship in the story that helped to progress the plot. Gloughster is a Trance Channeler which is a position of counsel to those in positions of power. When Lino becomes the SubViceroy it is only natural that he has a Trance Channeler to work by his side closely and help him make decisions.

Also in grydscaen we have the characters Blue, Sati and Iin. Blue is intersexed and presents as male. He is a clandestine psychic operative of the Psi Faction which is a government run military organization. Sati is in the military and he is a post-op FTM transsexual who is in a relationship with Nathaneal a gay male. Nathaneal and Sati are both pilots in the Pacific Territories Air Force and their air combat training is shown in the volume grydscaen: beginnings. I wanted to make a commentary about transgender and gay in the military and Blue and Sati allow me to do this.

Iin on the other hand is an MTF transsexual who is on hormones and we see her become a powerful force in the Packrats which is a hacker group that wishes to free society through cyber revolution. Iin gains her power after her psi conditioning where she solidifies her true self. We see more of Iin in grydscaen: war and in her short story that will be published in grydscaen: tribute.

The series grydscaen has a lot to say about marriage equality and transgender rights. I wanted to show strong LGBT characters and how they thrive in their lives strong and free. Some characters like Faid who is gay and a host show off some of the seedier sides of gay culture. He works in the Red Light District and picks up johns in addition to being the leader of the Packrat hackers.

The story in grydscaen takes place in 2055 after a nuclear disaster that devastated the Echelons and the Zone when the Atlantea Federation dropped the Dionysis Effect nuclear bomb on the Pacific Territories. The series grydscaen makes a social commentary about equality, freedom, information security, privacy, LGBT rights and oppression all within the backdrop of a science fiction series. I hope you will stick around the learn more about the grydscaen series. The next book in the series grydscaen: tribute will be published in September 2014.

About the Author:
Natsuya Uesugi is a systems analyst and has worked in the design of aerospace, semiconductor and financial systems. With a Master’s Degree in International Management and a minor in Japanese, Natsuya has been around computers most of his life. He also studied animation and game design in art school. He enjoys skydiving, cosplay, anime and writing poetry. He would like to make a graphic novel of grydscaen some day.


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Rainbow Gold Reviews wants to thank Natsuya Uesugi for joining us for the chat yesterday and for the giveaway during the chat.

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One thought on “@natsuya_uesugi Guest Post – RGR Pride Celebration #LGBT

  1. All I can say is WOW. you don’t mess around. This book looks like it tackles all the issues and then some. I think it is great that you incorporated all the diferent ascpects and showed what they are made of. It looks like an awesome read and I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for sharing otherwise I might have missed out on this great read. 🙂


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