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Tanja reviews ‘Double Takes (Shooting Stars #2)’ by K.Vale (Published by Liquid Silver Books; April 20, 2014)

Why I read it: This book is about Gio, who had a short appearance in ‘Forever Is Now (Shooting Stars #1)’. Altough short, I was intrigued to learn more about him and was glad I got my chance reading his story.

This copy was offered to RGR in exchange for an honest review.

See a guest post with an excerpt of ‘Double Takes’ by K.Vale here and my review of ‘Forever Is Now’ here.

Double Takes


Sex, drugs, rock and roll … and now reality TV! As the lead singer in a nineties-era band, Giovanni Savale is used to seeing his name in the headlines, but now, as the star of a new reality TV show, his life is on display for all to see. From the custody battle for his son to a “made for TV” romance to the possibility of a future with the sexy owner of the local antique store, Giovanni’s life has just gotten complicated in ways he had never imagined. You’ll love Double Takes, the hot new romance from author K. Vale.

Ah, the life of a rock star. Everyone thinks it’s nothing but sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Not for Giovanni Savale.

For the lead singer of Three Deaf Mice, a band that reached its pinnacle in the late nineties, it’s nothing but an ugly divorce with a custody battle, money trouble, and now the nightmare exposure of starring in a reality television show. When his producer decides to cash in on an infamous interview Gio did years ago, and give the self-confessed bisexual rocker an onscreen boyfriend, things really hit the fan. Gio is certain his sexual experimentation back in his drug-abusing days meant nothing — after all he’s been married for nine years, clean and sober for nearly as long, and he has a son. And Gio is not remotely attracted to Kyrie, the funny, flamboyant actor they choose for his love interest. Of course, Lance Garrett, the mysterious and sexy owner of the local antique shop, Double Takes, is a whole different story. The guy has Gio planning out a future he never imagined. With the threat of losing all custody of his ten-year-old son, ghosts from the past returning for revenge, and the cameras rolling, can Gio keep his head above water and his heart from getting broken?

My thoughts:

I liked this book more than the first one. It had me glued to my kindle after the first pages.

Gio, lead singer of the Three Deaf Mice goes through a difficult time in his life. First there is the divorce, which is a nasty one since his ex-wife wants full custody of their son. No way Gio wants to give her that and in order to pay his bills , e.g. his really expensive lawyer, he agreed on beeing part of a reality show….um about him, his band and to put some spice into it, his “boyfriend” Kyrie.Yeah, Gio did say, ages ago and under drug influence that he is bisexual. The point here is exactly that, he was not clear minded when he said it and he was married for nine years after all, so he had to be straight. Well so he believes at least. Then he meets Lance, a dealer of antiques to whom he feels immediately drawn and his world is again turned upside down.

I really liked Gio. Beside his damned stupid idea of getting involved in a reality show in the first place, he never loses focus on what is really important in his life. Even when Gio meets Lance and feels an attraction toward him, he doesn´t question this overly much, he just goes with it. Lance makes his intention pretty clear, early on. He is a huge fan of Gio and his band but not in a bad way. He likes Gio for who he is and not his celebrity status. They were great togehter, the sex was hot and I could believe in their happily ever after. Lance has a mysterious touch. He didn´t like to talk about his past and was camera-shy. When the press finally got both of them togehter the shit hits the fan. Somebody from Lance´s past resurfaced and threatens their new relationship. I had tears in my eyes, while reading about Lance´s past. It was awful and cruel what he had to endure. The solution of it, for me at least, was a convenient one and seriously I don´t get Gio´s actions in it. Why would you want to pursue a criminal, all by yourself??? *Shakes head* here, it was plain dumb.

Ok, but beside that I enjoyed this story. It has great secondary characters in it as well some annoying people, who you want to smack just over the head. One of the great characters was Kyrie, the supposed boyfriend. Wouldn´t have thought I liked him that much and the situation with his ex-brother in law….so good at how clueless Kyrie was…and the best?? The next book in this series is about him and I´m looking forward to read it :).

8/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 8

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