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Tracy reviews Vicktor Alexander’s ‘Raising Shawna’ (Love & Life in the Panhandle 1). (The book was published by the author on November 12th, 2013, 328 pgs).

Why I read this book: The reason I read this book was because it sounded very different from anything else I had ever read.


What would you do if the spirit of your dead twin brother came back? What about if he inhabited the body of your adopted daughter?

Former drug addict, turned state prosecutor, Shane Occena has to deal with this when the little girl he rescues one night, named Shawna, declares that she’s the reincarnation of his brother Shawn, that he’d lost over eight years before. Feeling a connection to Shawna that can’t be talked away, Shane begins the adoption process and gains custody. When Shawna begins acting like Shawn, Shane takes her to see Child Psychologist, Tucker Ames. And that’s when his life really changes. Dr. Tucker Ames spends his days talking with children helping them heal from their scars and come to grips with their gender issues and sexuality, and his nights alone, hoping for a family of his own. When he meets Shane and Shawna Occena, he finally feels as if he’s met the family that’s destined to be his. But first he has to help Shawna heal from her childhood, Shane heal from his scars, and find a way to help Shawn cross over to the other side. But when allegations of child abuse are brought against Shane, and Tucker’s family spontaneously descends on this makeshift family in Pensacola to lend their “support”, will Tucker and Shane be able to stay together and be the parents that Shawna so desperately need? And will Shawn ever let go of his hold on Shawna and finally ascend to the afterlife? Tucker and Shane may think that they are Raising Shawna, but in the end, she may be the one to raise them all.


My review – 10/10 Pots of Gold

Pot Of Gold 10SpecialThe cover of this book is very sweet and what I would say very cute. It fits the book perfectly. The title is what the book is about, raising a child. I found myself very fascinated with whole plot. It was different, a child and a spirit. Not something I would normally read. I did like the fact that the book was set out in different parts and not just chapters. This has a great beginning with a very interesting middle and the perfect ending. I couldn’t ask for more when reading a full sized book. Often I get distracted while reading a book of this length but not this time, I wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. There are a lot of complicated issues in this book that kept me hooked. This book is not without angst, it is not a fluffy book either. There is a very strong story line with interesting characters, some with secrets that do come out while you read. I didn’t like the spirit through most of the book, as I thought he was a bully that wanted his own way and didn’t care who he hurt in the process. Overall a very different read. I really enjoyed the whole book.


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Vicktor Alexander “Vic” wrote his first story at the age of 10 about his youngest sister and her destruction of the world…with her breath.  Much to his youngest sister’s dismay the story was a hit and became the first story of a series all dealing with the planets that were destroyed by his siblings and their strange quirks and body odors. Vic now enjoys writing about shifters, humanoids, cowboys, firemen, rent boys, fairies, elves, dancers, doctors, Doms, Subs, and anything else that catches his fancy, all sexy men falling in love with each other and having lots of naughty, dirty, man-on-man sex.  Author of the best-selling series, The Tate Pack, Vic is a huge fan of the “happily-ever-after” ending. But while his characters all ride off into the proverbial sunset, all sexually satisfied and in love, they all bear the scars of fighting for that love, just like in real life. Out and proud, Vic does not believe that love only comes in one form, one race, one gender and that not only is gender fluid, by sexuality as well.  Vic loves to make people laugh and when he’s not writing, or rather, procrastinating in writing, he’s reading, playing the Sims 3, hanging out with his very supportive adopted family, talking to his adopted daughter, whom he affectionately calls “Chipmunk”, seeking the man or men who can handle his crazy, stressful, soap opera-esque life and being distracted from his writing by drooling over pictures of John Barrowman, Scott Hoying, Charlie David and Shemar Moore.


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This book was provided free of charge for an honest review by the author. 😉

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