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Tanja rewievs ‘A Suitable Replacement (Deceived #5) by Megan Derr (Published by Less Than Three Press; August 6, 2014)

Why I read it: I already read a few short stories by this author, which I liked a lot. After reading the blurb I wanted to read this book-the marriage clause made me curious ;).

This book was given to RGR from Less Than Three Press in exchange for an honest review.

A Suitable Replacement by Megan DerrBlurb:
After three years abroad on an arduous expedition, Maximilian is happy to be home, where he can pursue his private studies in peace and enjoy not living in a dusty tent. He is also glad he has arrived in time to attend his twin sister’s wedding in a few months, and to finally meet her fiancé, Kelcey.

Instead he arrives home to be accosted by his sister’s furious fiancé, who wants to know where she has run off to and why. When they confirm the wedding is most definitely canceled, Max has no choice but to fulfill the runaway clause in the marriage contract: he must find Kelcey a new spouse.

And if that was not enough to manage, there is also the matter of the people his sister angered when she vanished…


My thoughts:

The cover of the book implied for me, that this would be a historical. You get a historical setting with carriages, breeches, cravats, ballrooms and how to address the other person properly but that´s where the similarities ends. I actually was a little confused at the beginning why Mavin, Maximillian´s twin sister, is the Duchess and not Max the Duke, since that´s not how passing on of the title works, normally at least. Since I assumed this story would be a historical, I, of course, was at fault for wrong expectations. Was I disappointed? Hell no!!! As I finally wrapped my mind about the concept of what the author created, I enjoyed this book a lot. It was refreshingly new to me :).Thrown into it was a little fantasy with goblins and magic. Although it was exactly what Maximilian studies, we only got basic information on all that. Since I didn´t read the first four books in this series I don´t know if it was explained in one of the former books and it was not that important for the storyline.

Maximlian is a scientist. He loves what he does and defends it fiercely. Yes, sometimes he portraits a scientist as you imagine one. Absorbed in his studies and experiments, not caring about what he wears or how he looks. He is also an honorable man, shares a deep bond with his sister and is wicked as hell. Kelcey on the other hand is a fighter. He learned from a young age how to be silent and inconspicuous. As I learned along with Max how he was treated by society and the reason behind it, I was so angry on his behalf. The unfairness of it all left me speechless.

From the first encounter Maximilian, short Max, had with Kelcey, Marvin´s finacé, I was captivated by these two. Their banter and verbal fights had me laughing many times as well as the fact that they just couldn´t finish one conversation without Kelcey storming out of the room. I loved watching them. They were going in circles, while Max was adamant to fulfill the runaway clause in the marriage contract, which meant he had to search for a replacement spouse for Kelcey. Did you ever hear of such a clause in a marriage contract? Well, I didn’t and it was refreshing to read something new.

So while Max was looking for a replacement, he got to know Kelcey better and feels himself drawn to Kelecy. When they finally get to the point where Kelecy admits that he is also attracted to Max a few things happens at once and they are forced to run away. On their flight, they meet Max´s sister by chance. Good god, that one is a feisty one with a sharp tongue….I wouldn´t want to be her enemy but I really liked her.

At one point I asked myself if this story is leading me somewhere or not. There were just so many started story lines, which vanished and resurfaced as the story progressed but they came all together in the end. There were also a few errors like missing words or wrong words in a sentence, which threw me out of the story and I had to read the sentence again to understand it.

Beside that, I enjoyed reading this story a lot. It made me laugh and I liked the main characters. It´s well written and the pacing was good. Now I just have to find the time to read the other four books in this series :).

8/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 8

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Megan is a long time resident of m/m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it. She is often accused of fluff and nonsense. When she’s not involved in writing, she likes to cook, harass her cats, or watch movies (especially all things James Bond). She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internet.

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