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Tanja reviews ‘Alpha´s Moon (The Half-Breed Chronicles #1) by Shannon West (Published by Dark Hollows Press, LLC; April 2, 2014)

Why I read it:I love captive stories and that combined with paranormal and you have me hooked. This copy was given to RGR, free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Alpha´s Moon by Shannon WestBlurb:

Ryker Mondai was waiting for a chance to escape the prisoner of war camp he’d been thrown into three cycles before after his planet had been attacked and defeated by the Alliance forces. Half-Venuvian, half-Lycan, he’d never really belonged in his home world, but he owed it to his mother, the queen of Venuvia, to fight by her side, especially after his only brother was cruelly killed by the Vice Consul of the Alliance, Luther Columbo.

Ryker has sworn a blood oath to avenge his brother by wiping out not only Columbo, but his entire family. When he finally gets his chance to escape, though, he finds he has to make a choice, kill Columbo or leave him behind on the penal colony and face him another day to get his men to safety. He chooses his men and escapes on Columbo’s private ship. Once they search the cabins, however, they find someone Columbo left behind.

The gorgeous young man, Lex, tells Ryker he’s the Vice Consul’s aide, but Ryker suspects he’s his love slave. He’s immediately drawn toward Lex and makes him his own love slave, and then a trader takes one look at him and reveals his true identity—Lex is Columbo’s only son. Ryker is faced with an impossible choice.

Does he take his revenge and kill the young man, or keep him for his own? Can he keep the one he loves or is he honor bound to seek vengeance?

My thoughts:

First of all this book starts with a Glossary, which I appreciated a lot. There are so many different complicated names inside that book as well as who is the alliance/enemy of whom and the Glossary helped me a lot keeping up with them.

The story captured my interest from the first moment. The descriptions of the various inhuman beings were great and damn if they are not HOT ;).

One of them is Ryker, a half-breed between Lycan and Venuvian, who was captured by the Consul of the Alliance, Luther Columbo. The book starts with Ryker and some other inmates planning their escape, which is successful. In order to escape the planet they take the Consul´s spaceship. On the ship Ryker finds Lex in the Consul´s cabin and assumes he is Columbo´s lover. Ryker feels immediately drawn to Lex and takes him as his lover. As the story progresses, especially after Ryker finds out about Lex true identity he is torn between his vow to avenge his brother and his attraction he feels toward Lex. He behaves like a jerk more often than not and I wanted to smack him over the head because of it.

Lex, on the other hand is a gentle soul who didn´t know what hit him when he was summoned by his father, after his mother died. And no, I seriously don´t want to have a father like Columbo is. Sometimes Lex reminded me of a virgin Lady straight out of a historical romance. He really was a virgin when he met Ryker but he also acted sometimes like a women. Waiting until the prince in shining armor comes to his recue. I really liked reading historical back when I read m/f. Since Lex´s behaviour was not over the top womanly the few parts were endurable. I liked him but he has a lot of growing up to do.

As the journey went on, they have a few obstacles to overcome before they find a planet where they could live. Of course the enemy, Lycan General and his team were not far behind. When they finally catch up with our escaped prisoners some things happens which leads to Ryker meeting with the General.

The meeting, especially the relation between Ryker and the General was not something that surprised me much. However they had a conversation about mating urges. The General gave some answers and I´m not satisfied with them. It´s not exactly what he said, what bothered me but that the topic was just dropped. It raised questions for me, which I want to have answered. Are they or are they not xxx? Can´t go further into it without giving spoilers.

The pacing up to the end, where it felt rushed, is good. I liked the world building as well as the main and secondary characters. I´m looking forward to reading more of the half-breeds and hopefully I´ll get some answers then.

7/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 7

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