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Tanja reviews ‘Fate Trail (Stolen Moments #0.5)’ by A.L.Wilson (Self-Published via Smashword; June 1, 2014)

Why I read it: I was in the mood to try a new author and since I love paranormal stories this one sounded like I would enjoy it. This book was offered to RGR, free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Fate trailBlurb:

Here you will find werewolves, sexual tension, and a Tin Star. This is the story of how Syllis Cox, an unlikely hero, finds friendship and himself amongst the Western Plains. Come chase the moon across the Heavens in the Prequel Adventure to the Stolen Elements Series – Fate Trail.

When a poor farmer’s daughter is attacked by a large furred beast, the man travels to an adjacent town in search of aid. Rumor has it that there is a tracker who specializes in the ‘strange and unusual.’ Syllis Cox is a loner who keeps mostly to himself. However, a man would be hard-pressed not to have heard the tales of how Syllis bested ghosts and thwarted ghouls. At first Syllis passes off the attack on the young girl as nothing more than fear and superstition, but with the full moon quickly approaching, and a sinking feeling in his gut; perhaps there is more to this attack than meets the eye.
While investigating a bloody scene where more people have met with a gruesome fate due to this furred beast, an odd Texas Ranger suddenly appears before Syllis. The man is arrogant and rude, but unfortunately knowledgeable about the beast that Syllis is hunting. Even more unfortunate is how handsome the Texas Ranger is and how much attraction Syllis can feel building inside; along with an undeniable repulsion.
Can Syllis overcome his standoffish nature and join forces with the Ranger in order to save a young girl’s life? Or will his repulsion at his own feelings keep him too far at bay? And what of this Texas Ranger? Is he truly a friend wishing to help bring a dangerous creature to justice, or some sort of fiend with a shiny silver badge?

My thoughts:

This was an enjoyable, quick read set in the Wild, Wild West ;). It started with a father, whose daughter was attacked by a werewolf, looking for help. He hoped to get that help from Syllis Cox.

Syllis Cox is an honorable but lonely man who lives with his dog in a hut apart from the village. You learn rather early that Syllis is not human but what exactly he is, was not revealed until later in the story. There were also some questions which arose for me while reading about Syllis but they were answered in good time. I really liked him and I´m looking forward to read more about him.

While looking for the werewolf, he met Markus, a Texas Ranger. Markus is a mysterious man and his identity is not revealed until near the end and even then you can only guess who he really is. I think that gave the story a further touch of mystery which I wanted to solve. Together they tried to solve the puzzle surrounding the father as well as the beast. The intimate moments between Syllis and Markus were hot and passionate. I wouldn´t have said no to another round or two 😉 but all in all they were perfectly placed.

The mystery part of this book was good because in the end nothing was as it seemed. I´m now curious about the world the author created, would like to know more about it and hopefully get a little bit more background about Syllis in Phoenix Heart, the next book in the Stolen Elements Series.

This book can be read as a standalone. It´s well written, the pacing is good and has interesting characters in it. If you, like me, don´t know this author, this is good way to get to know her writing style. It´s a short, quick read and you can get it for free.

8/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 8

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AuthorBioAs a young child A. L. held three aspirations which she vocally proclaimed to anyone that listened. She was either going to be an author, an actress or a psychologist.
It was only after her brother was diagnosed with Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder that her aspirations shifted from theater and prose to exclusively studying psychology.

However, she never truly left her flare for the dramatic behind. At the tender age of eight she was taking a starring role in Tom Sawyer; the following year it was Alice in Wonder Land. Then eventually her Senior year of High School she wrote and starred in the school’s Senior play.

The Case of the Murder that Wasn’t, had her bouncing around stage as a savvy detective with a bumbling side-kick, attempting to solve the murder of a rich aristocrat. The off-color humor had audiences in stitches for three days and nights- to the delight of her and her family. However, despite the success of her writing and acting, the young A. L. graduated High School with honors and then immediately went on to start college in search of her (three) subsequent degrees in Psychology.

It wasn’t until years later that things would come full-circle as Indie Publishing has become more and more popular and the itch to write more overwhelming. Momentarily hanging up her hat as a Child and Family Counselor, A. L. has once again plunged her hands back into writing; spinning wild tales for her own enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of her audiences.

Website: http://www.authoralwilson.com/
Twitter: Author_ALWilson

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