‘Woodland Village’ series by @VikiLynRomance #GuestPost #LGBT

Rainbow Gold would like to give a great big WELCOME Viki Lyn who is guest posting today!!!

Thank you for hosting me today! I have been writing m/m romance since 2009, and still going at it years later. I enjoy writing romance, and particularly m/m romance. Why? That’s hard to answer. I simply enjoy writing about two men finding love despite the issues they are up against.

The three books in the Woodland Village series are all contemporaries and feature men who need to take a good look at their life and make changes in order to love.  Book one in the popular Woodland Village series, Blue Skye is now 99 cents at all vendor sites through September 3.  Blue Skye was one of my first books published in this genre, so it holds a special place in my heart.

When Musa Publishing offered to republish Blue Skye, I was able to fix some of the problems in this my first m/m novel. I added a few scenes, tweak a few others and fixed typos that caused me no end of embarrassment. Happily, Blue Skye is more polished then when it first hit the market and I’m happy to share it with readers.

Blue Skye has one of my favorite tropes—best friends fall in love. It’s also a story of second chances. Skye is out and proud, and when he returns home, he confronts his high school best friend Drew, who is married, closeted and unhappy.

Blue Skye

The second book, Ryan’s Harbor, could be considered a ‘gay for you’ trope. However, Ryan Adams has experimented with men during an ménage à trois and so when he meets Martin, and is attracted to the beautiful man, it isn’t a stretch for him to want to take things further between them. Martin has to learn to trust Ryan’s feelings for him, despite Ryan’s playboy reputation and his laid back attitude.


The third book, John’s Match, is a hate at first sight love story. I had so much fun writing the opening chapter when John meets Scott. Scott has been burned badly in love and John has put up a wall around his heart after his mother’s suicide. The romance grows slowly as John and Scott circle each other. John’s Match is possibly the last book in this series, but who knows when the Muse may strike and insist on another book set in Woodland Village.


I’m happy to share the Woodland Village series with readers and hope they enjoy the romances.

Viki Lyn

Award winner, Viki Lyn is a successful writer of sexy romance, both gay and straight. Many of her books are All Romance Ebook best sellers. She is a Rainbow Award winner and runner-up in the paranormal category. She likes to try new things, and at times, breaks the rules of her genre. But always, it’s the romance that drives her stories to their final happily-ever-after.

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