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Tanja reviews Diego (Endangered Fae #2) by Angel Martinez (Published by MLR Press; June, 2014).

Why I read it: After reading book one I had to read book two and see where Finn and Diego´s relationship goes. This book was offered to RGR free of charge in exchange of an honest review.

See my review of Finn (Endangered Fae #1) here.

Diego (Endangered Fae #2)


Diego and Finn’s peaceful life in Montana shatters when Diego unwittingly rips a hole in the Veil to the Otherworld—mysterious prophecies, dying fae, hostile government agents, and there’s so much more that could still go wrong.

After defeating an evil wendigo, a man and his pooka lover deserve a little quiet. Unfortunately, Diego and Finn’s hard-won peace is disturbed when Diego, in a jealous rage, unwittingly rips a hole in the impenetrable Veil to the Otherworld.

Separated, stuck on the other side of the Veil where Finn has to face old conflicts and Diego is the only human in a land of fae, the two of them navigate rocky waters between huge egos and ancient feuds. Worse still, some of the fae are dying of a mysterious illness and everyone believes Diego is the key to a cure. Things can’t possibly get any worse, can they? Oh, yes—they can when the US government gets involved.

My thoughts:

What should I say? I adored so many things in this story…the Otherworld…can I visit too? I loved the inhabitants of the Otherworld from the majestads, champions, heralds to all the other fae. How they are interacting with each other, who is the lover of whom or was the lover in another life, the connections of the fae among themselves as well as with the earth. It´s all so richly described, the characters are great and of course the humour didn´t fall short either. Ok, let´s get started with the story ;).

In a jealous rage Diego rips a hole in the Veil to the Otherworld. There he has to face some things about himself and his past lives. He learns to take control of his powers under the tutelage of Lugh, the Queen´s champion and helps settle a feud between the Sidhe Queen and Formorian King. Not that Diego is happy about the outcome of the fight to ensure the peace, because unbeknownst to Diego it was Finn he was facing in this battle.

Finn, oh my, you have to like this flighty pooka. He is adorable. Normally I´m not overly fond of repeated sweet talk/endearments but it fits Finn´s character so perfectly. I liked that he wanted to be a better person for Diego as well as for himself and was actually proud of him as he managed exactly that.

After around the first half of this story it goes back to earth where Finn, Diego and a few fae have to face problems with the government. It was not a nice encounter since they were captured, and cruel to watch what they had to endure. The good part in all this was Zack, a Marine medic, who has his heart in the right place and doesn´t follow commands blindly. Also the flight and who actually helps is worth mentioning.The solution with the government was an easy one in the end.

Since a lot of magical beings were introduced here, I´m sure there are more to come. I´m curious where this storyline will lead us and look forward to seeing, hopefully all of them, again in the next book.

8/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 8

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While Angel Martinez is the erotic fiction pen name of a writer of several genres, she writes both kinds of gay romance – Science Fiction and Fantasy. Currently living part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware, (and full time inside the author’s head) Angel has one husband, one son, two cats, a changing variety of other furred and scaled companions, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amartinez2
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Tumblr: http://angelmartinezbooks.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngelMartinezrr

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