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A.L. Wilson offers an E-Copy of ‘ Isle of Illusions’ (Haunted Case Files Book 1) to THREE lucky commenters. Details below.

This book was released by the author on August 24th, 2014.

The year is 1954 and this marks 10 rocky years that Cyrus has spent with his human companion, Dr. Lorenz Meissner.  The two unlikely lovers, after some heated debate, decide to cross the Mediterranean and go on holiday in Italy.

At first it seems like a dream vacation for the paranormal investigators, but the tide turns as rumors of ghoulishly twisted animals washing ashore reaches Lorenz’s ears.  Cyrus is quick to dismiss the hearsay.  However, something about the description of an animal with two heads has the doctor shaken.

Just when the two think they might get back to enjoying sandy beaches and quiet walks, something far more substantial than whispers of grotesque animals is swept in by the sea.  The body of a human being washes ashore in a state that definitely suggests paranormal foul play.

Not only is the lovers’ vacation cut short, they are thrust into a ghostly case involving a sinister plot on an island cut off from civilization, which happens to sport a terrifying asylum.

Can our heroes escape the madness surrounding them or will they be trapped forever on the Isle of Illusions?

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When Cyrus awoke several hours later, his beloved was on the couch nursing a glass. The vampire furled his brows as he rolled out of bed and nearly tripped over a wine bottle. “Hmm…rough day?”

Lorenz’s face was pink and his hand was trembling. “The experiments…they are happening again. I heard them talking. We have to go back. We have to turn around! The bombs…Mein Gott!”

Cyrus blurred across the room, barely catching the glass as it tumbled from his lover’s hand. Lorenz had put his hands over his ears and started to rock back and forth. “OK, OK! Whoa whoa, Baby. There are no bombs. There are no experiments. Just breathe.” Strong dark arms encircled his lover’s trembling frame, ready for the other to start fighting back. Cyrus ducked a few flailing limbs and ignored the German’s screams. “Sshhh! It’s ok, it’s just me. Lorenz, Lorenz it’s me. It’s Cyrus. Come on, I think it’s time you lie down. I’m sorry I stayed in bed all day.”

Cyrus frowned deeply as he gathered up Lorenz’s flailing frame, taking a few smacks and even a punch to the face. He was used to the fits, but it had been such a long time since either of them had one, especially one so violent. Eventually he had to throw his lover onto the bed and restrain him. Honey eyes stared down into the other’s vacant face. He knew that Lorenz was somewhere far away, watching horrors that no being should ever be forced to engage.

Sighing heavily he leaned down and pressed their foreheads together. “Please forgive me, but you must rest.” Their minds linked together and briefly Cyrus could see the laboratory with its sterile white walls. There was a man with a mask over his face, peering into the cages of some animals. Flashes filled his mind with fear, disgust and a sense of having no control. The animals changed to people and while none of them were human, seeing them in cages turned his stomach.

The vampire literally bit his tongue, feeling blood flood his mouth as he tried to ignore any emotions he might have over the experimentation done on supernatural creatures. It wasn’t anything new for humans to try and learn how vampires or other creatures functioned. Focusing his thoughts, he forced Lorenz’s tortured mind to go black, freeing him from the flashbacks. The thrashing stopped and he began petting at the other’s face. “Ssshhh…it’s not your fault. They wanted your father’s research. They wanted your expertise. You did what you had to do to protect your mother. I know you never wanted to hurt anyone, Baby. I know…”

Lorenz went still, breathing evenly as his blue eyes slid shut. As he had passed out, salty hot tears rolled down from his eyes. Cyrus sat on the edge of the bed staring at his beloved for what seemed like an eternity. He absently wondered if the entire trip was a mistake. He had pushed his lover, believing that the two of them had come so far since the horrors of the war. However, perhaps they had not come quite far enough in healing their emotional wounds.

Eventually Cyrus got up and went to take a shower. He dressed and moved up through the ship. He needed fresh air to clear his head. The Elder truly did not know what he would say to Lorenz when he saw him next. The plan was that he would hide in the depths with the luggage again. They would dock the next morning and so he had to be ready to be transported to the train. There was nothing to be done but trust that his love would recover as he always did. It was with a heavy heart that he disappeared into the bowels of the ship.



A.L. Wilson offers an E-Copy of ‘ Isle of Illusions’ (Haunted Case Files Book 1) to THREE lucky commenters

TO WIN comment on ANY post on Rainbow Gold Reviews from September 1st-30th, 2014.

You need to be 18 years or older to enter the Giveaway. Void where prohibited. Etc.

The Contest ends on September 30th, 11:59 CDT. Good Luck!


As a young child A. L. held three aspirations which she vocally proclaimed to anyone that listened.  She was either going to be an author, an actress or a psychologist.

It was only after her brother was diagnosed with Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder that her aspirations shifted from theater and prose to exclusively studying psychology.

However, she never truly left her flare for the dramatic behind.  At the tender age of eight she was taking a starring role in Tom Sawyer; the following year it was Alice in Wonder Land.  Then eventually her Senior year of High School she wrote and starred in the school’s Senior play.

The Case of the Murder that Wasn’t, had her bouncing around stage as a savvy detective with a bumbling side-kick, attempting to solve the murder of a rich aristocrat.  The off-color humor had audiences in stitches for three days and nights- to the delight of her and her family.  However, despite the success of her writing and acting, the young A. L. graduated High School with honors and then immediately went on to start college in search of her (three) subsequent degrees in Psychology.

It wasn’t until years later that things would come full-circle as Indie Publishing has become more and more popular and the itch to write more overwhelming.  Momentarily hanging up her hat as a Child and Family Counselor, A. L. has once again plunged her hands back into writing; spinning wild tales for her own enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of her audiences.

Contact the author: Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter

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  1. The excerpt was very intriguing it sounds like a great book please count me in for the Giveaway ………thank you.



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