‘Executive Decision’ by Margie Church #LGBT #Review

Noc reviews ‘Executive Decision’ by Alex Jones (1 Night Stand Series) (Published by Decadent Publishing on June 10th, 2012, 35 Pages)

Noc is our newest reviewer and the queen of short stories. If you like quick, delicious morsels – keep an eye out for her reviews *g*

Having daredevil sex is a powerful aphrodisiac for Logan Carlyle. He’s viewed as the leader on the sales force, but in bed he’s a submissive all the way.

Hunter James is just as adventurous as Logan. He’s lower in the sales ranks, but he’s the top when it comes to his relationship with Logan.

When Logan’s thrill-seeking desire creates chaos with their careers and severs their relationship, Madame Evangeline’s expertise is required.

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Wow, this short story jumps right into the action.

At first, I’ll admit, I thought it was a bit too fast. I hadn’t really gotten a feel for either of the characters, and there they were engaged in a sex scene by page three.

I expected predictable BDSM m/m sex, but there was a twist I wasn’t expecting. I’m not a girl for spoilers, so you won’t get anything from me, but I couldn’t stop reading from that point on. I felt for both characters and loved the journey. I’d have liked to see one more chapter, or a small epilogue to wrap things up nicely, but perhaps that’s just my taste.

While the ending was left a bit open for my taste, it’s not a cliffhanger and for that, I’m grateful. There were a few points where I had difficulty determining who said what in dialogue and had to re-read, but since those were always steamy sex scenes, I really didn’t mind.

If you’re looking for a hot, quick read, this is a great little story to pick up.



Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). She has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer, editor, and journalist for over 25 years. If you enjoy books you can’t put down, read one of hers.

Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, flower gardening, biking, walking on moonlit nights, nature, and making people laugh. She also writes children’s books under the pen name, Margaret Rose.

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