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Marc reviews ‘Brokenhearted’ (Hope Cove 1) by Cate Ashwood. (Published by Dreamspinner Press on November 8th, 2013; 210 Pages.        Cover Art by John Orr. Audiobook narrated by John Orr and released by DSP on April 24th, 2014, 6 hours and 17 minutes)

Why I Read/Listened to this Book: I read and LOVED Cate’s debut novel ‘Keeping Sweets’ and was curious what else she wrote. When I saw this series I had to try it. I LOVE the cover art and it really hooked me. Knowing her style suited me well, I got the audiobook and jumped right in 😉



Oliver Parrish has been alone in the world since he was born. So when Sheriff Owen “Mack” Macklin shows up on his doorstep to deliver the news that Oliver’s sister has died, he’s beyond surprised. Still, Oliver returns with Mack to Hope Cove, Maine, hoping to get to know the sister he never knew he had. As he tries to snap these new elements into his solitary life, he’s not sure how they might fit.

His life is shaken up further as he falls in love with the irresistible town of Hope Cove, and with Mack, its equally irresistible sheriff. But when he receives devastating news about his sister’s cause of death, Oliver doesn’t know whether to stay and fight for love and a good life, or cut his losses and run.

Listen to an Excerpt:



The Cover: As said above, this book and the whole series has amazing cover art. For me the tower means a light in the dark, a way to find home when you are lost. The sea is raw power, nature, events we can’t control, passion, force, something bigger than us. The rocks keep it at bay, they are solid, a barrier. They form a sort of balance. Might be (definitely) over-thinking this, but those were the things that popped into my mind and it just seemed perfect – even or especially after listening to the audiobook 🙂

The Title: As a big fan of Amy Lane, the Queen of Angst and Pain, of course a title like ‘Brokenhearted’ lets my masochistic heart beat faster.

The Story: I listened to books one and two back-to-back and this one is still my favorite in the series. It begins when the two main protagonist meet for the first time and there is a big revelation. Something that completely turns Oliver’s world on its head.

He has to make a decision. Leave his old life behind for a while to find out what the new revelations mean for him or block the whole thing out and go on like before. He is not really all that happy with the way his life is at the moment, but certain it will change if he puts enough effort in. However, he can’t pass up the chance to explore a new world that belonged to someone else and is suddenly connected with him.

This is the reader’s first introduction to ‘Hope Cove’, a charming place with fun and quirky characters. As Oliver is brand new there as well, we get to meet all these new people with him. A warning; once you enter Hope Cover, you might never want to leave.

For such a small place it is much more wholesome and accepting than one might think.

Though there is a ghost in the town. Not a real one – contemporary here ;). But a glaring whole in this community, the absence can be felt almost like it is its own presence. For me that’s what ghosts are. A wonderful person is gone from the world, much to early and without any chances for the main protagonist or the readers to get to know her. All that’s left is the negative space, where she is missing.

But that is not quite true. Parts of her can be found everywhere in the town. It’s like puzzle pieces of the past and slowly they form a picture. For me this was a very strong foundation for a story and worked perfectly. Cate Ashwood did a brilliant job of using this emotional background story to connect all story threads. It is a bitter sweet story that leads to a romantic and hot couple.

The relationship between Mack and Oliver brings its own difficulties. Caught between truth and lies, between secrets from the past and dark shadows in the future their love will be tested.

Like so often,one of these tests is an utterly stupid decision by one of the protagonists, but I liked that he realized directly after committing to the path that it was wrong. Only pride keeps him from righting the obvious mistake, but it seems very human and believable.

The story jumps from sweet to sad to bittersweet, with some quirky fun and some angst thrown in. For me it is still a comfort read. A story of hope and love. It made me happy and I wanted to and did visit the town again directly.

The narration was pretty much flawless for me. While the narrator did not always seem to be the character like an actor would and some audiobooks attempt to varying degree and success, he narrates the story with a lot of skill and in an completely unobtrusive way. Just lean back and enjoy 😉


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Cate Ashwood wrotashwood_cate_2e her very first story in a hot-pink binder when she was in the second grade and found her passion for writing. Her first successful foray into romance writing came five years later when she wrote her best friend, who was experiencing a case of unrequited love, her own happily ever after.

Cate’s life has taken a number of different and adventurous roads. She now lives a stone’s throw from the ocean, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband and two cats. Her life is filled with family and friends, travel, and, of course, books.

Cate loves to hear from readers. You can find her at:

WebsiteBlog E-mailFacebook | Twitter



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