#CONTEST ‘Seduction In Red’ by D.T. Peterson #LGBT #CoverReveal

Today we host the Cover Reveal for D.T. Peterson’s upcoming ‘Seduction In Red’. Well… sort of. There are two possible versions for the cover and you can help decide which one will make it to the final book. The author will reward your help by giving the randomly drawn winner of the contest an E-Copy of the book when it comes out. Comment on this post and tell us which cover you prefer to enter the Giveaway.


 I suck at deciding on covers. Marc has graciously agreed to run a contest and let you, the readers decide. I’d also like to thank Jared Rackler for all the hard work and effort he has put into the cover art. – D.T. Peterson

SeductioninRedFullWrap copy croppedSeductioninRedFullWrap2copy cropped


Trevor is young, rich and single; completely open and out about who he is, unwilling to hide it from anyone. Cody is shy and inexperienced, exploring the desires he secretly craves to fulfill for the first time. Unknowingly, they venture down a path which neither of them could have ever imagined.



To Win an E-Copy of ‘Seduction In Red’, comment on this post to let the author know which version of the cover you prefer!

The contest will be open until 6 pm CDT on September 21st, 2014. The author will draw one random winner.

You MUST be 18 or older to enter this Contest. Void where prohibited. ETC.


29 thoughts on “#CONTEST ‘Seduction In Red’ by D.T. Peterson #LGBT #CoverReveal

  1. I like both of them, nice work Jared 🙂 But I actually I prefer the first one, as the darker colours of the second one almost makes it appear that they separate to the forest or the image and with the lighter brighter greens they feel part of the forest rather than separate? I love how you picture nature & the elements on your book covers, like The Cove with the blues of the sea and waves hitting the rocks. While this one has more colour, with all the shades of green and I love the contrast with red trousers, but the spooky tree stump though reminds me of Sleepy Hollow, hmm I wonder what the significance is? 🙂

    Good luck with your new book D.T and thank you for the chance to win a copy of Seduction in Red.

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  2. I like the lighter one … shows better on my phone. If you want a brooding … dark atmosphere … go with 2. I like 1 because of the perception of light at the end of the tunnel & things aren’t bad after reading blurb.

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  3. I like the darker one but the highlights are all off if you choose that one. it makes it look…funky. I would go with the lighter one based on the amount of light hitting the couple matching the background better 🙂

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  4. Okay, while I can’t win I want to add my vote 😉 I got a sneak-peek at both versions and the darker version immediately popped for me. The characters stand out better. The contrast is nice. BUT, seeing them side by side – well – on top of each other, I actually prefer the first one. Front, spine and back. It just all seems to fit together perfectly. And while the characters don’t pop as well, there is a certain kind of magic in the woods in the first image. It actually looked a bit Fae-like to me. The character seem to be a part of nature and I agree, the highlights work best there. If I would get it as paperback, I would want that version – which is also why I chose it as featured image for this post *g*


  5. First, once again, stunning work by Jared on both covers! I agree that the figures on the second cover pop more noticeably. However on the top cover, the whole cover blends together much better. It almost looks like you stumbled across these two beautiful young men in a forest glade enjoying a springtime tryst, a new beginning.


  6. I preferred the lighter cover. The guys blended better with the background. In the darker one I thought it looked like the guys were just pasted on rather than being integrated fully. 🙂


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