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Pot Of Gold RGRI’m super happy to welcome Jena Wade to our blog today. She will share some insights about ‘Researching Cowboys’ with you and introduce her brand-new book 😉 Anyone up for a hot new read with gorgeous cowboys who know how to ride? 😉


Perry Jameson begins his new job as a ranch manager at the Wright Stables with the goal of returning the place to its original glory. He throws all of his effort into building a home and establishing a career. Being seduced by the ranch owner’s grandson could throw a serious wrench in the works.

Cory Matthews is a world champion in horse reining. Well known for his arrogance and talent, he can train any horse to win, and he knows he’s turned the sexy older hunk’s head, but he can’t seem to get Perry come around.

The two men butt heads on more than one occasion, the way two stubborn, proud studs will do. Maybe looking past their differences to work together will give them a new perspective on each other. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help Cory rein Perry in.

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‘Researching Cowboys’ by Jena Wade


I haven’t had this much fun researching for a story since I wrote Strip, Please for the Love Has No Boundaries Event for the M/M Goodreads group.

While writing that story I got to watch videos of male strippers, lots and lots of super sexy GIFs, and of course – the movie Magic Mike.

This time around it’s all about Cowboys. And even though they were all fully clothed in the videos, they were lots of fun to watch. I think I spent more time on YouTube than I did on writing.

And, lucky me, once I finished Reining Him In, I immediately started on Roping Him In (the sequel) so I got to do double the amount of research. Now if only I enjoyed my day job just as much….

I’d like to tell you I had it all planned out from the very beginning, but I didn’t know Equals was going to be a series until I sent the story off to my beta readers. They all asked, “You’re going to continue this, right?”

I certainly hadn’t planned to continue it, but I have these people read my stories and give me feedback for a reason. It’s because I trust their opinion. If they tell me something, I listen. I don’t always do exactly what they suggest; sometimes I know what’s right for the characters and need to trust my instincts.

But in this case, I knew they were right. Equals was just long enough to tell how Russ and Stephen meet, and how the beginning of their relationship develops. There was much more of Russ and Stephen’s story—especially Stephen’s backstory–that I wanted to tell. I’d already written a lot of it in my head; I just needed to get it out on paper. It became the Equals series, and Partners quickly formed as the second part.

Since Equals was already novella-length and I felt like it had a nice conclusion, I decided to keep it that way. I briefly considered turning the series into a full length novel instead but ultimately I decided it would be best as a three part series. I certainly did not want to leave any of the stories with a cliffhanger ending, but they quite neatly divided themselves into the three major parts. A novella of roughly 40-50,000 words was just the right length to explore each of those parts. If I had tried to write the entire series as a novel it would have been well over 130,000. I like that they’re divided into three separate stories rather than one monstrous one. I like the flow of three novellas better and I think it was the perfect way to tell this particular story.

Partners only covers about four days. But so much happens in those four days as Stephen goes back to his hometown to bury his father and deal with his past that it easily wound up being about 42,000 words. It ends as they’re about to leave town and head back to Atlanta, the major conflict wrapped up and a nice segue into the final book. I wanted the reader to feel as though the could set the story down and feel content with the ending, while still yearning for a little bit more.

The final novella is set about six months down the road. In order to get Russ and Stephen to the point where I felt like their story would be complete, I needed to explore the next step in their relationship. It will focus on dealing with the last of the issues for their past, and what they both want for their future together.

Of course, a holiday short—which will take place between books 2 and 3—has also crept in there too …

Sometimes, characters just won’t stop talking! In this case, I couldn’t be happier and I hope you will be too!


Here’s one of my favorites:



Jena began writing in January of 2013 as a New Year’s Resolution–and so far she has stuck to it!

She lives in Michigan. By day she works as a web developer, and at night she writes. Born and raised on a farm, she spends most of her free time outdoors, playing in the garden, or riding her horses. She also helps run the family dairy farm.

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