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*****Release Day Review***** Tanja reviews ‘The Slave (Free Men #1)’ by Kate Aaron (published by Croft House; October 27, 2014).

Why I read it: That is actually quite simple-I can not withstand a slave story 🙂 .

This copy was provided by the author for free in exchange for an honest review.

The Slave (Free Men #1)


At twenty-seven, Tamelik has been a slave more than half his life, having witnessed his family being murdered in front of him when he was just a child. Naturally submissive, although with a petulant streak, he can’t help but fall in love with the master who treats him kindly.

Tam’s dreams come true when his mistress walks out, leaving her husband behind. For six glorious months, he and his master get to be together. Then Tam is ordered to purchase another slave.

He wants to hate Kai for being unruly and ungrateful. For being of the same race as the men who murdered his family. For being his eventual replacement in their master’s bed. But it’s hard to hate a man who cries himself to sleep, flinches at the slightest touch, and blushes beautifully when he’s kissed.

Seducing Kai has suddenly become more challenge than chore, and with his master’s encouragement, Tam finds himself falling for his new companion. Except… nobody can be in love with two people at once, can they?

My thoughts

First of all Tam is a pleasure slave, so you can expect a lot of sex in this book. And hell if some of those scenes were not hot as hell ;).

Anyway Tam has been a slave half his life, he watched his family get killed and was sold into slavery when he was a child. Lucky him, he was bought by a kind master who treated him right. Tam got educated and had to take steps on his own to become a pleasure slave. He is spoiled but a kind human beeing which shows perfectly when he bought Kai and the reasons behind his decision.

Kai is a soldier at heart but also vulnerable. Of course suddenly beeing a slave comes not easy for him so he fights what he can. You can watch as he slowly comes to terms with his new life. I enjoyed this story and really liked both Kai and Tam but at around the half of the book I wished that something would happen. A little action or twist to the story…..don´t know but the sex was really too much at this time for me. While you have bits and pieces of animosity between Kai and Tam it never got deep. At least I wished some outbursts, figths between those two.

The master of the house….um I didn´t get a feel for him. He was there, then gone, then there. What was shown of him left me with the impression of a considerate, kind man. Someone you wish to have in your life under such circumstances. Of course it could be that we never learn too much of him because of what happened at the end of the book. Which brings me to the last chapters. Seriously Kate Aaron…..why did you do this to me?? There is a HUGE cliffhanger and I don´t like this, I feel cheated on. I can deal with a small cliffhanger but prefer a closure of some sort with questions left unanswered if it´s a series.

Altough this book is low on angst and not dark for a slave story I enjoyed it. I liked the characters and look forward to the next one which will hopefully be released soon, preferable right now just after this one ;). If you like slave stories this one may be for you.

8/10 pots of gold

Pot Of Gold 8


AuthorBioKate Aaron lives in Cheshire, England with two dogs who won’t behave, a parrot that won’t talk and a bearded dragon named Elvis.

She has the best of friends, the worst of enemies, and a mischievous muse with a passion for storytelling that doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction.


Twitter: @fairkatrina


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