Teaching a Melody by @AshleyChunell #LGBT #CoverReveal

Cover Reveal of Teaching a Melody (Book 4 in the Noah and Ronan series) by Ashley Chunell





It’s the year 2023 and Melody Nash-Shea is 6 years old and ready to start kindergarten.
Her dads — not so much.
This story focuses on Noah and Ronan’s struggle as fathers when they send their daughter to school for the first time. 
When everyone starts to find out that she has two dads, Noah and Ronan must teach Melody the concept of bullying, what makes a family and how to stand up for what she believes in.
This fourth book in the Noah and Ronan Series gathers characters old and new to help Melody and her dads get through kindergarten, as well as join Noah and Ronan as they celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary.
*This excerpt is based on an actual event. More info here.*

Noah stood by the stove making pancakes while Ronan sat at the table with his laptop and Melody was in the living room watching cartoons.

“How many chocolate chips do you want?” Noah asked his husband, but got no response. “Ronan?” he called again, but still got no response. “All right, no chocolate chips it is.” he said.

“Huh?” Ronan let out as he shot his head up at Noah. “I want chocolate chips.”

“I know you do.” Noah rolled his eyes with a smile as he turned around to look at Ronan. “What’s got you so distracted over there?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m on The Henderson Buzz.” Ronan said as he continued to look at the laptop. “I’m trying to remember my password.”

“Try my birthday.” Noah said.

Ronan typed in Noah’s birthday and was successfully logged in. “How did you know that?” he asked his husband.

“Because I remember when we made our Henderson Buzz accounts and we couldn’t think of passwords, so we used each other’s birthdays.” Noah said. “And speaking of that long ago, we haven’t lived in Henderson in nine years. What are you doing on The Henderson Buzz?” he asked with a laugh.

“Daugherty posted the wedding pictures on his profile.” Ronan said happily.

“Oh, I want to see!” Noah said as he walked over to the laptop. “Open that one.” he said as he pointed to a thumbnail.

Ronan opened a picture of Daugherty and Derek sharing their first kiss as husbands.

“Awww,” Noah let out.

“I like this one.” Ronan then said as he opened another picture of their friends sharing their first dance.

“Are we in any?” Noah asked.

“It looks like we’re in a lot.” Ronan told him as he continued to click on thumbnails of pictures of them dancing and mingling at the wedding.

“Oh, Melody’s in that one.” Noah said as he pointed to another thumbnail.

Ronan opened the picture, but the picture didn’t show up.

“Why isn’t it showing up?” Ronan asked as he refreshed the page.

“Wait, it says something.” Noah said as he read the screen. “This photo has been flagged for review.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Ronan asked.

“I don’t know. Call and ask Daugherty.” Noah said before he went back over to manage the pancakes while Ronan called his friend.

“Hey, man!” Ronan said into the phone. “Yes, I saw the pictures. That’s actually why I’m calling.” he began. “We were looking at the thumbnails and one of the pictures is of me, Noah and Melody. We clicked on it, but the picture didn’t show up and it said it’s been ‘flagged for review.’ What does that mean?” he asked.

Noah noticed his husband’s expression change while Ronan listened to Daugherty.

“Oh, okay. Well, could you email the picture to me then? Thanks. Bye.” Ronan said before hanging up the phone.

“What’d he say?” Noah asked.

Ronan let out an agitated huff. “He said ‘flagged for review’ means that another user reported the picture and The Henderson Buzz has to review it before it can be posted.”

“Well, why would someone flag that picture?” Noah asked as he brought over their breakfast. “I mean, if they’re a homophobe, why didn’t they flag all of the wedding pictures? That picture was just us with our daughter.”

“Exactly.” Ronan said as he stood from the table in aggravation. “It’s not that they’re a homophobe. Whoever did it has a problem with us being dads and having a kid. That’s why our picture was flagged and none of the others were.”

Noah’s face became sad. “Oh.” was all he said.

“You know what, just forget about it.” Ronan then said. “It’s not worth getting upset over. Daugherty said he’s going to email me the picture and he’ll work on getting it posted again.”

“It’s a bit unlike you to just back down from this.” Noah said.

Ronan shrugged. “As annoyed as I am about it, we have more important things to be focusing on. Like Melody and her first day of kindergarten tomorrow.” he said.

“You’re right,” Noah began. “But I’m more than annoyed about this. So, just so whoever flagged that picture doesn’t get away with it…” he continued before sitting down in front of the laptop.

“What are you doing?” Ronan asked. “You can’t say anything to whoever did it. That kind of stuff is anonymous.”

“I know.” Noah simply said.

“Then what are you doing?” Ronan asked and looked at the laptop to see his own inbox open. He watched as Noah opened the email from Daugherty and saved the photo. Noah then logged into his Henderson Buzz profile and uploaded a new avatar.

Ronan couldn’t help but smile as he watched Noah’s avatar go from a picture of the two of them that hadn’t been changed in nine years to the picture of them with their daughter at Daugherty’s wedding.

Noah looked up at his husband with a cute, victorious smile on his face.

“You never cease to amaze me.” Ronan said as he wrapped his arms around Noah and pressed a kiss to his husband’s head.

“You should make it your avatar too.” Noah said. “They can’t flag all of us.”

Ronan giggled. “How about we eat breakfast first, and then continue with getting back at bigots?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Noah said with a kiss to Ronan’s lips before they called Melody in for breakfast.

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A Melody in Harmony

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Blurb: Henderson is a small, old-fashioned town. Growing up here proved tough for Noah Nash, as he knew the truth he lived would never be accepted in this town, even by his family. To him, all he had was his keyboard.

Until one day, that all changed when Noah met Ronan Shea. Ronan’s confidence, wisdom and pride inspires Noah to finally, happily live his truth for the entire town to see.

This is a story of two young men and their journey to a relationship, fighting for equality and listening to their melody while striving to live in harmony.

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New Melody, Same Harmony (Noah and Ronan series, book 2)

New Melody, Same Harmony

(Self Published, January 12, 2014, 240 pages)

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Blurb: This sequel to “A Melody in Harmony” follows beloved characters Noah Nash and Ronan Shea, who just got married and are about to make a big move as part of the next chapter in their lives. Before they do, the two sit down and reminisce about their last year together in Henderson.

This story rewinds as Noah and Ronan think back on their engagement, planning Henderson’s first gay wedding and lots of other surprises that led up to their big day.

This sequel allows Noah and Ronan’s relationship to grow as they continue to fall in love and fight for equality. Even with a new melody, the two still plan to live in harmony as they begin their next chapter together.

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A Miracle Melody (Noah and Ronan series, book 3)

A Miracle Melody

(Self Published, June 14, 2014, 183 pages)

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Blurb: It’s been two years since Noah and Ronan got married. They’ve settled into their new home in Dublin, Ireland, started a new Club Clover nightclub and have very-much enjoyed their married life and their new chapter together.

But after two years of doing anything they’ve wanted, just the two of them, Ronan and Noah just might be feeling a void in their lives that they’re unsure about filling.

In this third installment of the Noah and Ronan Series, the two make the life-changing decision to have a baby. Between an overwhelming process, struggles, disagreements and lots of insecurities about fatherhood along the way, Ronan and Noah come to find comfort in their melody more than ever before as they await their little miracle.

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