The Jesus Injection by Eric Andrews-Katz #LGBT #Review

MtSnow reviews The Jesus Injection (An Agent Buck 98 Adventure) by Eric Andrews-Katz, published by Bold Stroke Books on November 13th, 2012, 244 pgs


Why I read the book: I was given the opportunity to read thus fun little romp after a conversation and meeting with the author at GRNW in Seattle this year. I picked up the book, read the premise and after talking with Eric, was pulled in by the premise of a spy adventure with the main character being a ‘Gay James Bond’. What did I have to lose?

The Blurb:
After an assassination attempt ruins his vacation, Agent Buck 98 is given a cryptic message by a dying drag queen: 3-1-4. The numbers match the date of Dr. Timothy Shoulwater’s death, the noted scientist rumored to have discovered a potential cure for the AIDS virus before his notes mysteriously disappeared. Buck is paired with his former best friend turned rival Agent 49, the lovely Miss Noxia von Tüssëll, to investigate Dr. Shoulwater’s ex-wife, the religious zealot and growing political advocate Dr. Raven Evangelista, who sponsors a heavily conservative political platform while secretly pursuing more personal and devious ambitions.

But it’s neither an anti-gay political bomber nor the romantic pursuit of Richard, the handsome caterer he just met, that challenges Buck the most. It’s that before the end of the mission, Buck must keep Noxia from discovering his own darkest fear.

The Review:
When I read the blurb I was really intrigued with the concept of a gay James Bond. I admit I was expecting a darker more serious story, which I do like, but this ended up being completely different in a way that was full of fun and action.

Buck- your basic ‘Gay 007′, is described as an Orlando Bloom lookalike. He is full of himself, wry sarcasm and humor, but in a funny, highly comedic almost self-deprecating way. The way all the characters are introduced at the beginning as well as the humorous ‘tight spots’ Buck finds himself in from page one, I just had to let myself go and enjoy the ride. There is definitely a mystery, and we are teased throughout wondering who actually might be a double agent and who is on who’s side.

If you like drag queens, murderous statues, sloppy French accents, fun trysts in fancy-smancy hotels, and catered political functions, a sexy female agent that goes by the name Noxia (Its German, right?!) a boss that looks like Alfred Hitchcock, (Agent 69) but whom Buck calls ‘Muffin’, then you’ll enjoy the adventure and mayhem starting from the first few pages of this James Bond-type’ action very tongue-in-cheek series.

I enjoyed this fun read, and look forward to the next in this series that gives tribute to ‘Get Smart’ and is full of wry humor and adventure. Not what I’d label a romance, but more of a lightweight whodunit.

Where to purchase:

Bold Stroke Books


Please see review for the second in the series,Balls & Chain .


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