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‘Les faits accomplis’ by Anna Martin will be published by Dreamspinner Press on November 24th. It is 234 pages long, cover art by Aaron Anderson.

Synopsis: Adam Hemlock rules the elite New Harbor Academy. With his mother in Paris, he throws hedonistic, alcohol- and drug-fueled parties for his equally rich, desperately bored classmates. How’s a guy who lives life to the extreme to stay entertained? Take on a challenge, of course, and hope the exhilaration of the play-by-play fallout chases away the indifference. At the big pre-senior-year bash, Adam’s offered a dare—seduce the new kid. Adam initially laughs off the idea but changes his mind when he sees Jared.

Jared Rawell has spent the past two years at a Texas military school, where his father sent him to “pray away the gay.” He sees the academy in more liberal Washington as a chance to start over and achieve the grades he needs to get into an Ivy League school. When a beautiful but terrifying girl offers Jared a deal—don’t sleep with Adam Hemlock and she’ll help Jared get through senior year—he sees no reason to say no. But nothing is as simple as it seems.

With layers of hidden agendas, backstabbing, lying, cheating, drugs, and entitled teenage egos, Jared and Adam must navigate a high school minefield while waiting for the inevitable explosion.

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Adam swayed his head in time with Snoop and tapped his bare toe to the beat of the music. He was hazily high and sexually satisfied—some closeted kid had blown him in the linen closet an hour previously.

Parties at Chris’s house were almost as good as the parties Adam threw at his own place in New Harbor. It was a small town north of Seattle, situated on Whidby Island on Puget Sound. The town had been developed surprisingly early in the history of the area and remained a pocket of conservative Republicanism in what was otherwise a fairly liberal state. Probably because of the sheer, mind-boggling wealth of its inhabitants.

There was a dusky sort of early evening heat hanging in the air that made chilling out on the porch perfect. The party was happening inside, but out here, in a rocker, watching the world go by in peace, was just about all Adam needed.


He blinked and looked up into a pair of dark eyes framed with impossibly long lashes. Clare. Great. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with her.

“What is it?” Adam demanded.

“Psh. Gin and juice.”

Gin and juice was pretty standard at Chris’s place. He was… old school, to put it mildly. Normally Adam would be wary of taking anything from Clare, especially drinks he hadn’t seen her pour. But the weed was making him blasé and actually, he wanted the damn drink.

Adam took the short glass, sipped at the clear liquid. When he was satisfied it was what she claimed, he swallowed the rest in one gulp, then handed the glass back to her.


A few moments later, she hadn’t moved. Adam regarded her lazily. “Can I help you?”

Clare smiled slowly.


Adam found himself in a hot tub with three beautiful women, something he was sure many men would envy. He wasn’t like most men, though. That much was clear to anyone who met him.

“So,” Adam said, sipping at another gin while the girls reclined in the gently bubbling water, breasts bobbing on the surface. “What can I do for you ladies?”

School started again in a week. This was the pre-party-party, the one where they could all let go for one last time before starting their senior year. The last time they’d ever rule the school. Until they got to college, of course.

Adam was going to Harvard. He’d said it so many times, it had become a given in the same way “tomorrow will beSaturday” was taken for granted, or “Adam likes getting his dick sucked.” He knew his grades were good enough, and even if they hadn’t been, his mom knew the right people. There was something to be said about getting into college on one’s own merits, though.

Clare sighed, quietly drawing attention to herself, and lifted a delicate champagne flute to her lips. “We’ve only got a year left. I want to have some fun, Adam.”

“So go have fun,” he said. “I don’t give a fuck what you get up to.” His head lolled back in the steamy water, and he grinned at the night sky.

“I thought we could play one of our little games.”

They had been playing Clare’s “little games” for years. It was how Mia had broken her arm back in 2006, and how Tristan got his first blowjob, and probably the reason why Nora fled town in tears only a year ago, convinced her house was haunted by an evil spirit and she was possessed.

For a while, Adam had refused to play. He’d made up his own fun, on his terms, and let Clare do her thing.

“What sort of game?” he asked, curious.

“Well, you know I told you about the new guy.” Adam gave her a carry-on-and-hurry-up[S4]  gesture. “He’s gay.”


“He’s a virgin.”

Adam laughed. “How the fuck can you know that?”

“The records from his counseling session at his last school. According to my sources, Daddy Dearest sent Jared to a military school because he’s a raging homo. Counseling is part of the deal there, and he was rather insistent that his ass cherry was intact. Sealed up.” Her lips popped on the “p.” “Just how you like them.”

“All right, so what? You want me to fuck him? Oh god, is he really ugly?”

“He’s quite hot, actually,” Clare said. “Tall. Blond. Sort of surfer type, although I’m not sure he’s ever surfed. He plays soccer.”

“It’s truly terrifying how you know these things.”

Or it would have been if Adam hadn’t known almost all there was to know about Clare Metago. Under the veneer of cool disinterest, she had been worming her way into other people’s computers, lives, and heads for years. She did it in style.

“What’s in it for me?” Adam demanded.

“Other than the delight you’ll surely take in being his first?”

“I can have sex whenever I want,” he said dismissively. “You’re going to have to give me some incentive other than that.”

“How about,” she said, “something you’d never be able to get otherwise. Something totally priceless.”

Adam leaned forward, the water lapping around his waist.

“I’m listening,” he said.



Anna Martin offers an e-copy of ‘Les faits accomplis’ to THREE lucky commenters.

TO WIN comment on THIS post and ANY additional comment anywhere on Rainbow Gold Reviews from

November 1st to 30th, 2014 will give you additional entries for the giveaway.

You need to be 18 years or older to enter the Giveaway. Void where prohibited. Etc.

The Contest ends on November 30th, 11:59 CDT. Good Luck!


 Contest Entry Tally: Comment on different posts on this blog to get more entries 😉 UPDATED on 11/19/2014

Barbra: 14 Entries

Ardent Ereader: 13 Entries

Lily G. Blunt: 2 Entry

Serena S.: 5 Entries

debby236: 6 Entries

Trix: 2 Entry

H.B.: 31 Entries

samantha walters: 4 Entries

ezinwanyi13: 1 Entry

Loren: 6 Entries

Stef: 15 Entries

Rash: 4 Entries

Kej13: 16 Entries

BabyBarlow: 15 Entries

stella: 6 Entries

tea58: 11 Entries

BooksLover: 7 Entries

sula22: 7 Entries

Mari: 3 Entries

juliesmall1959: 17 Entries

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  1. Oh blast, I have posted comment prior to entering this one, oh wow is me they won’t be counted LOL.

    Anyway, thank you for a chance to win this book, I love the cover to me it represents privilege and old school and the premise of the story. 🙂


    • No worries. As soon as anyone comments within the month of November to say they are interested in the contest, all of their comments made in November count. Even the ones made before the comment on this post *g*


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