November 18th & 19th, 2014 #ReleaseDay #Spotlight #LGBT

Hey everyone 😉
I have a lot of shiny, new releases for you today. Audiobooks, gay or lesbian romance and fiction. Whatever you prefer, you will find it. Even a selection of erotica *g* ❤
I created an LGBT Release Schedule on Facebook, because I have searched for one since I started reading LGBT books and never found one I was happy with. These are the new releases for November 18th & 19th, 2014. 
This is a Google Form where you can add your upcoming LGBT releases:
This is the Spreadsheet where you can see all the upcoming LGBT releases we found or that have been shared with us by authors, bloggers, readers and publishers:
41L1GSNW4OL51OqRI9vzVL51kHAaZWmbL417ZuweMjgLF/F and Lesbian Fiction
*****EBOOKS***** 7190rsnwMEL._SL1500_71XkLEBdh+L._SL1350_817ecMJH-SL._SL1500_61v4IAPdYjL._SL1000_61XNg+P7IRL._SL1350_81joTTa0KWL._SL1500_919cONRizoL._SL1500_81zadi7YWGL._SL1500_71hndPSdI0L._SL1350_
81Q1byr6cLL._SL1500_91DcFj5GM2L._SL1500_81qbO8J+V9L._SL1500_81fFKtjLfqL._SL1500_ (1)81wq-aBKwKL._SL1350_91Tu7ePI-JL._SL1500_81-NN25TwvL._SL1500_91ONGL3CqdL._SL1500_A1ESPY7y01L._SL1500_81uqvL-vyQL._SL1350_91AtrCxm8rL._SL1500_91r3azACqLL._SL1500_81VncINMPBL._SL1500_91Eb1vkbNbL._SL1500_F/F or Lesbian Fiction61u+ZxRn6qL._SL1036_91k2+f66sXL._SL1500_81KH5MLqUAL._SL1500_91FGHgk7INL._SL1500_
 Various LGBT Fiction913hYvKpoOL._SL1500_81vt3cm3uzL._SL1500_

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