For the Bite of It & A Bite in Time (Orbus Arcana 1&2) by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey #LGBT #Review

Tracy reviews ‘For the Bite of It & A Bite in Time (Orbus Arcana 1&2) by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

. Book1 was Published March 20th 2014 (first published 2011), about 181 pages. Book 2 was Published August 1st 2014, about 178 pages. 


 These books are best read in series order.

This book was provided free of charge for an honest review by the author.


Re-release with additional ending.

A vampire, a cupcake, plus one sexy cop, is a recipe for trouble.

VINCENT KAMATEROS is an exiled vampire making a routine living as the owner of a cupcake bakery in Arizona. Until a car with a dead driver crashes through the wall of his shop, bringing after it, All-American, closeted cop, JOHN REEDER. Smitten the instant he sees John, but bound to silence by the Vampire High Council, he can never reveal his true self to John.

John Reeder can’t control his attraction to the sexy Italian baker. But as addictive as the sex is, John can’t overcome his fear of rejection for being gay, and open his heart to a man with so many secrets.


Book 2 of the Orbus Arcana series. 

A dangerous secret, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble.

JOHN REEDER has accepted his love for VINCENT KAMATEROS, but he doesn’t know his lover is a vampire. When a killer targets Vincent, John has to deal with uncovered secrets that blow his life apart.

Will Vince reveal his true nature to protect the cop who has come to mean more than his own life? In doing so, he might ruin his only chance for a ‘happy ever after’ with John.




The reason I read these book was because it was a book about vampires. I love a good paranormal book.

I would advise reading books 1&2 together in this series. This why I am reviewing them together.

I love the covers of these books, very eye catching. The title is not what I thought but it does fit the books.

Book 1 starts with a car that has crashed into a building. The guy has been murdered. This is how the two MC’s Vincent and John meet. I found the first 50% a bit slow and I was struggling to connect fully with the book and the characters. It does get better.

Vincent is a Vampire Prince who has had his powers stripped by the High Council. He lives among humans as a human except he still drinks blood.

John is the detective assigned to the murder investigation. John and Vincent clash from the very beginning, both lusting about one another. John is buried deep in the closet. He even dates females to hide the fact that he is gay.

The relationship they fight against struggles from the first kiss. Trust is a big issue. I wonder how John will react when he finds out Vincent is a Vampire and has hidden it.


Book 2 starts with a sex scene while both MC’s are on a visit to Italy. From there the book is full of explosive action, lots of sex and two murders. While the first book starts slow and builds up the storyline, the second book is very fast paced. A lot of questions that are left hanging are answered.

John has two murders to solve. He thinks there is strange cult killer on the loose instead we have a killer vampire. Vincent feels the need to protect his lover at all costs, even if it means revealing he is in fact a vampire. His powers are returned. I loved seeing the real Vincent, The Vampire Prince!

There is a lot of sex, the relationship between the MC’s gets stronger the more you read.

Overall a slow build to an explosive fast paced book with the promise of more with the coming release of the third book (2015)

I would recommend this series to Vampire lovers.

8.5/10 Pots of Gold

Pot Of Gold 8half


  BUY THE BOOKS @  Book1 Amazon, Book2 Amazon


Viki Lyn is a successful writer of sexy romance. Her stories are an eclectic mix but it is always romance that drives the story to its final happily-ever-after.

A native of California, Viki travels the world in search of inspiration but calls Arizona home. She shares her beautiful adobe home with her wonderful husband and favorite man (fictional or real).






Vina Grey loves writing about romance. Two people finding each other, the two-step before they get together and the happily ever after, have to be the best story ever. Throw in some paranormal elements and she’s in heaven. Vampires and cops, anyone?






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