Interview With M/M Blogger and Reviewer Marc Fleischhauer


I had the best time interviewing today Marc Fleischhauer. If you are looking for honest and detailed reviews elaborated with personal care from someone who is genuinly passionate for books and those who write them, look no further…check out Marc’s reviews at Rainbow Gold Reviews!

1.   Tell us about you and your gay romance blog. Where can we read it?

My name is Marc Fleischhauer, I’m a 24 year old student in Germany and a little over 6 months ago, I created my own LGBT Review Blog ‘Rainbow Gold Reviews’ and run it with two close friends and several awesome reviewers 😉 All of our reviewers are avid readers of the genre (our focus is M/M Romance, though we accept review requests for any LGBT Fiction).  We rate books and audio books we read and listen to on a scale of 6 to ten, including half ratings like 8.5. The higher…

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