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Winter is my favourite season. What I love most are the days when you wake up to frost outside, to icy cobwebs between the plants and patterns on the windows, to crisp cold air and your breath clouding. Those are the proper winter days—clear skies, bright white sunshine, and fresh air.

It’s great to wrap up warm in a thick coat, a scarf, and gloves, and my favourite place to head is to the wash lands and surrounding park walks. The muddy path is hardened, leaves crunch beneath my steps, and white has coated the greenery. It’s all so bright and peaceful.

Writing Just Jack allowed me to indulge in the cold weather from the warmth of my office chair. As a Jack Frost, Jack can call on snow and ice as part of his mischief, but he also creates the beauty and peace we can find when frost settles on our world.

What is your favorite season?

About Meredith

Meredith Russell lives in the heart of England. An avid fan of many story genres, she enjoys nothing less than a happy ending. She believes in heroes and romance and strives to reflect this in her writing. Sharing her imagination and passion for stories and characters is a dream Meredith is excited to turn into reality.

Email: meredithrussell666@gmail.com

Webpage: http://www.meredithrussell.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meredithrussellauthor

mateWhen the line between fairy tales and magic, and the real world become blurred, can love really conquer anything?

Leo Marsh is having a bad day. He just caught his boyfriend cheating on him, and not for the first time, then he falls, quite literally, for a man who has to be too good to be true….

When Leo slips and falls on some ice in front of Jack, Jack sees something all too familiar in Leo’s eyes. For over fifty years, Jack has existed in a solitary life of ice and bitterness. Just like Leo, he was betrayed by a man he loved, and swore no one would ever break his heart again: he gave up on love, and it seemed love had given up on him.

But if by fate or magic, Jack and Leo find their paths crossing for a second time, and with a little guidance from friends, dare to take a chance on each other. The problem is, Jack isn’t the charming and uncomplicated guy Leo thinks he is. When Jack gave away his ability to love, he became something else, someone cold and unloving. He became Jack Frost.

As Jack and Leo get closer, Jack is left torn and confused. Jack yearns for anything that reminds him of his humanity, but the truth is, he feels nothing, not warmth, not love, and he knows he might never be able to love Leo the way he deserves to be loved.

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Jack laughed as the woman lifted her head. White covered her cheeks and forehead, and she rolled over to sit on the frozen ground. Her mouth curled down with a pathetic whimper, and she slapped the ground in a halfhearted tantrum.

“Caesar,” she called after the dog.

The German shepherd pricked up its large ears and glanced back at his owner. The dog’s tongue hung out the right side of its mouth, all wet and shiny as it panted excitedly. White puffs of the dog’s warm breath filled the air around the animal’s head, and choosing to ignore the woman, the dog ran off down the street.

“Caesar!” She lowered her head and brushed the snow from her coat.

Had she seen him? Jack wondered. Jack didn’t know whether she had or hadn’t, and though he claimed to not care, there was always a pang of disappointment in his chest, a need to be noticed.

Turning away, he walked down the street. He didn’t look back or stop to help her. He never did. It was not in his nature to worry about the misfortunes of humans. They were just something to pass his time.

A short way down the street, Jack spotted the escaped German shepherd sitting on the sidewalk, seemingly waiting for him. The animal held in its mouth the ball of ice, though the ice was already melting from the dog’s breath. As Jack got closer, the dog placed the ball on the grass and sat upright. Jack smiled and held out his hand, running his fingers over the dog’s coat. He frowned as he stroked the soft fur. Though he knew there should be something more, he felt nothing but the cold.

“Get away from me,” he said to the dog. “I’m no good for you.”

The dog simply looked up at him through large amber eyes.

“Go on. Get.”

Jack narrowed his gaze and looked down at his hands. The prickle of ice played in his palms. He could show the dumb animal exactly what he was capable of.

The dog licked his hand, and Jack tempered his desire to strike out. The dog, clearly oblivious to Jack’s nature and wanting nothing more than to have him throw the ball again, just sat and stared up at him.

“Okay,” Jack said softly.

The dog nudged at his hand.

“I said, okay.”

Jack bent down to pick up the ball of ice. He wrapped his hand around the slippery lump and squeezed. It only took a second and the sphere was solid again, a frosty layer coating its surface once more. He looked over his shoulder in the direction of the German shepherd’s home. The dog had done him no wrong, and as much as he liked to mess with the lives of the humans in the town, he never meant them any real harm.


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I want to give a big Thank You to Meredith Russell and RJ Scott at Love Lane Books for letting us take place in this book tour.

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3 thoughts on “‘Just Jack’ by @MeredithRAuthor #LGBT #BlogTour #Giveaway

  1. First of all, I wish Meredith a speedy recovery. I’m glad to know that you are now home. Take good care of yourself.
    My favorite season? Well, all of them, really, for different reasons. Winter: the sparkling snow as the sun shimmers on it, the decorations and the beautiful flames in the fireplace (which I have it lit ATM).
    Fall: What’s not to like about Fall? It’s gorgeous! The turning of the leaves, the apples, pears, etc. we can get at roadside fruit stands, etc. and the fragrant, crisp air.
    Spring: The colors! Wow! Spring, especially late Spring is like an explosion of colors everywhere you look. Gorgeous flowers everywhere!
    Summer: The beach, the pool, picnics, BBQ’s, yard games, etc.
    So, you see? I Love them All!
    The story sounds great, Meredith. Much success to you!
    taina1959 @ yahoo.com


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