‘Soulmate for Sin’ by Izzy Van Swelm #LGBT #BlogTour

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Hello, what’s your name and who are you?

Oh, hello! I’m Professor John McRae and I work at The University. Most friends call me Prof John. How are you today?

Very well thank you. How do you know SIN?

Well we work in the same dept. SIN is a lecturer and I’m a ‘special’ Professor. We hit it off from the first and once he’d made it quite clear I wasn’t his type (pouts) we became great friends. He’s such a dear…lovely family.

What is a ‘special’ Professor?

Oh it’s just a title professor without a ‘chair’ it’s an academic politics thing… I teach… I get paid… I flit, mainly to Morocco… I’m happy. What’s next?

Okay…What did you think about what happened in Soul Mate for SIN?

Well some of it is just lovely….those boys are so right for each other. As for the ‘incidents’… about which we shall not speak…well I was horrified when I heard, and so worried…it was awful for all of us and poor Snowy and Sally. Then the university weren’t much help… Alex and I are still working on that I can tell you.


Oh a dear, dear friend of mine also from the university…we’re very close… quite often (winks) he understands me better than anyone…mm.

I understand you go out with SIN to The Rainbow Lounge often?

Mm … Sorry, The Rainbow Lounge, yes…wonderful place… marvellous entertainment…love it. I have been known to ‘shake my booty’ there on several occasions. Another friend of mine works there. Have you met her…Miss Clitty Sparkles…looks like a truck collided with a glitter factory… mouth like a navvy…I adore her. There was this one time…oh no, you don’t catch me like that I can’t say too much…Izzy will have my guts for garters!

So why do you think people should read Soul Mate for SIN?

Well, I think it’s wonderful to read about people rising up again after adversity, and I love gorgeous young people finding love. I think it’s nice in the book to read about normal characters too. Now I like a muscle bound hunk and billionaires who spend their lives in the gym, as much as the next person, but sadly I don’t know any. It’s good to read about people you know, or could know, sometimes.

There’s some fun in it too… I shall never look at a stamp in quite the same way again… it most definitely isn’t doom and gloom☺. Plus, there are some sexy times (coughs) I can tell you the page numbers if you like. (Fans self)

Thank you Prof. you’ve given us a lot to think about…is there anything you would like to add?

Well I wouldn’t mind your mobile number…if you’re ever at a loose end… (Falls out of chair laughing). I don’t suppose you can show me the back way out in case Miss Clitty Sparkles is lurking…

I point…

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2015

Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas

Genre:  Contemporary, Gay, MM Romance




The effects of an attack on SIN, a twenty-nine year old University lecturer, reach out further into his future than SIN could ever imagine. In a story, which seems doomed to start with an end, SIN learns about the forever kind of love, and how family is not just biological. ‘Soul-Mate for SIN’ shows how twists of fate can take a loving, but ordinary family, from a small market town in Lincolnshire, England and turn them into something extraordinary.






Izzy van Swelm is English, but took her Mother in Law’s maiden name as a pen name. Izzy dreams of a world where all sentient species have rights and respect. A world where LGBTQ lovers and friends, old and young, can walk holding hands meeting nothing more than the occasional affectionate eye roll. A world where intelligence, gentleness and compassion are the overwhelming attributes of politicians, and religion is practiced by those who believe, but never forced on those who do not.

Izzy is a romantic, a dreamer, a vegetarian and just a little eccentric. Izzy writes because she loves to tell stories, and she hopes that her stories will bring happiness, enjoyment and maybe to some…a little hope.

https://www.facebook.com/IzzyvanSwelm – Author Page

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007247866404 – Facebook

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  1. I’m enjoying the interviews and Prof John is quite a character!



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