Riding the Whirlwind (Strength of the Pack #5) by Joy Lynn Fielding #LGBT #Review

Tracy reviews, Riding the Whirlwind (Strength of the Pack #5) by Joy Lynn Fielding. Published July 15th 2014 by Siren-Bookstand, Inc. 141 Pages

This book I already owned….

Why I read this book: I really enjoyed the 1st 4 books in these and couldn’t wait to read this one….

Warning: I would advise reading these books in series order other wise you may get very confused.



Five years undone in just five days.

Dave Mitchell and Christian Taylor are on a mission from their alpha—to discover what happened to a pack of Argent shifters thirteen years ago. Away from their pack and out of their usual routine, they find underlying tensions in their relationship coming to the surface.

When their investigation leads them to the resident pack, Christian seeks respite from his demons by throwing himself eagerly into the cage-fighting ring the pack runs. He knows Dave hates him to fight, but he also knows Dave will understand. Dave always understands.

But when Dave meets a kindred spirit among the pack members, all Christian’s certainties come crashing down around him. It becomes clear that their relationship might not survive this. And when things between them reach crisis point and the local pack gets involved, it may prove to be the death of more than just their relationship.


By the time they reached the motel, Christian’s fights seemed to have caught up with him. He sat down in the chair with a withheld breath, leaving Dave to go find the ice machine. Coming back, he found Christian hadn’t moved. He got a washcloth, wrapped it around some ice, and knelt down in front of Christian so he could hold it against his left eye. Christian hissed at the contact, but then his hand came up to cover Dave’s, holding him as well as the ice close.

“Did you find out anything?”  Christian asked.

Dave carefully drew his hand out from between the washcloth and Christian’s hand so he could pick up the other washcloth he’d brought from the bathroom and start cleaning Christian’s face, ignoring his muttered protest.   “It turns out a fight crowd isn’t the best place to start conversations about anything other than blood and biceps,” he said. “Though I did get confirmation there was a pack up there on the cliff and that they know about it. Did you get anything, other than nearly pounded into the floor?”

“And three hundred bucks?” Christian’s smirk set his split lip to bleeding again, and Dave dabbed at it, perhaps a bit harder than he needed to.

Ow.” Christian looked betrayed, and Dave couldn’t keep it up. He softened his attentions, noticing the way Christian leaned into his hand against his cheek. There’d been precious little kindness in his life before Dave, and he still didn’t know how to deal with it most of the time. But when his guard was down, like now, it was clear how much he loved it.

“They want to see us again tomorrow night,” Christian said after a while. “They want their alpha to see me fight—he wasn’t there tonight, apparently—and maybe they’ll have a proposition for us.”

“You want to fight again tomorrow?” Dave sat back on his heels, his hands falling to his lap.

Christian looked confused as he met his eyes. “Yeah, why not?”

“But you fought tonight. You won tonight. Isn’t that enough for you?”

Christian’s brow creased. “It’s just a fight. What’s the big deal?”

“Apart from the fact you might end up in a hospital, you mean?”

Christian’s gaze softened. He put the makeshift ice pack to one side and folded out of the chair, onto the floor where Dave was kneeling. “That’s not going to happen, you know that.”

A smile tugged at his lips as he leaned in to kiss Dave. As their lips met, and Christian’s tongue stroked against his, jolting arousal through him as if they didn’t do this every single day, Dave pushed his frustration down. Christian would never understand why Dave hated to see him fight, that it wasn’t only about him getting hurt. And when Christian was like this with him, everything else fell away.


Pot Of Gold 9

 9/10 Pots of Gold

Riding the Whirlwind is book 5 in the Strength of the Pack series. Each book features a different couple. This is Dave and Christians book.

Christian is very volatile even by shifter standards, Dave is his calming rock. The two have been mated for 5 years when there Alpha sends them off to investigate the slaughter of Jesse’s birth pack. Christian has been struggling with the changes within the pack and can’t get his anger under control, when asked to participate in cage fighting he jumps at the chance, not realising he could loose Dave forever….

Dave is very sweet but learned a long time ago not to ask for what he really wants. He loves Christian but doesn’t think that love is returned. He needs to demand to be heard and that asking for things won’t make you loose what you need most….
I really enjoyed this book, the author showed that being mated sometimes isn’t enough, you have to learn to understand your mate and not just expect things to be easy.
A great addition to the series with lots of hot sex but also a good storyline thats very easy to follow….
Review: Books 1-3, Book 4


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Joy Lynn Fielding is a sucker for happy endings. She believes, however, that if characters don’t suffer along the way, they won’t fully appreciate being happy. Not all of her characters thank her for this viewpoint, but what do they know?

Joy lives in a small English market town, but also inhabits a number of fictional worlds at any one time, reflecting what she’s writing and what she’s reading. She has a tendency to share enthusiastically with anyone who will listen to the latest fascinating facts she’s stumbled across in her research for books. Thankfully she has a very patient Labrador, who has a gift for looking as though he’s interested in what she’s saying while he waits for the food to arrive.



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