Chance Encounter by Alex Tempera @TemperaAlex #LGBT #Review

Tracy reviews ‘Chance Encounter by Alex Tempera. Published November 1st 2004 by the Author, 188 pages

This book was provided free of charge for an honest review by the author. 😉

Why I read this book: I chose to read this book because it sounded different and something I would enjoy.



Charles “Chance” Endicott is a Police Chief of small town, Round River, who likes to also go on patrol with his officers. Though confident in his job, he lacks self-esteem when it comes to looking at himself in the mirror. A painful past broke him down and he doubts his worth as a man, as a person.

Evan Manetti is a lawyer who wants to get away from the big city life as a partner in a lucrative law firm to settle down and open his own practice in Round River. Oh, yeah, he’s also the town’s new Mayor. And he’s trying to keep his past as far away from him as possible.

One encounter paves the way for a formidable friendship that gives them the basis for what both men truly need – love and each other.




 7/10 Pots of Gold


This is the second book I have read by this author, I do like the writing style a lot, I find the main story line always drags me in and keeps me interested. The only problem I do have is there is always a lot of unnecessary drama and far too much going on at once.
Chance Encounter has two very intelligent main characters, Chance is a police chief who also works patrol. Evan is the new Mayor, a lawyer and a Doctor who doesn’t practise any more. Both have had lots of problems in the past, Chance has a crazy ex-husband and Evan has a strange family.
Chance and Evan start a loving relationship, there are lots of obstacles in there way. They struggle to find the balance between their jobs, family and Chance’s low esteem. I did like both men, I thought there relationship was very sweet.
The story is loving, there is loads of steaming hot sex, lust turning to love quite quickly, all of this works for me. What doesn’t is the strange brothers and father, it seemed very over the top and not needed. I never could tell what was going to pop up next. Everyone seemed to interlink somewhere, yes I get its a small town but not everyone were originally from the small town.
I will read more from this author, but I do feel that less is sometimes better.


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Alex Tempera is the alter ego of author Amy Shannon. In the quest for a new genre, Amy transformed into Alex to create a new depth of erotica and romance novels. The beauty of a well written erotica novel is that is contains a thoughtful and romantic storyline as well as beautifully written intimate scenes. Alex’s research into erotica genres and BDSM play and the lifestyle will continue to enter into her stories. Alex’s stories do not just revolve around romance sex, but there is always some form of conflict that allows the lovers to realize that they are meant for each other.


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