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Covers  can make or break a book in many cases.  The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not always apply to readers.  Which I agree is bad sometimes.  You might miss out on a series that you would LOVE but won’t pick up cause of the cover.  Or you buy a book cause the cover is so HOT yet you just can’t connect with the book.

When Cardeno sent us her re-released Home series I have to admit I was highly excited.  Why?  Well the covers made me a happy lady.  I have authors that are auto-buys for me and I will ALWAYS read their work, Cardeno being one of those. But I must say the previous covers did nothing for me. They felt a lot like a child’s drawing, not in a bad way but when you have 3 young children you see a LOT of childish drawing.  So no, those covers never really worked for me. But seeing as how Cardeno was an auto-buy I didn’t give it second though and read them any way.

I liked seeing real men on the covers, I connected better to them than I did with the previous covers. Yet sometimes I like when there are NO men on the covers at all.  But with these cover I could actually visualize them in my mind when I was re-reading them.  I love it when that happens, I could associate the men on the covers with the men in my mind.

Covers or not these will always be a comfort, re-read for me. So with that I will hand it over to Marc and Dana who have a completely different view than me.



We’re always told not to judge a book by it’s cover. In theory, I agree with it. The cover is just a part of the whole package and just because a cover might not appeal to us, the book might still be great. We might actually miss out on a book we might love, just because we made a judgement of the whole book, without giving it a try.

When I read a book from our review list, I don’t judge it by the cover, because I usually don’t see the cover until I add it to the post after I read the book or until I see the cover in black and white on my kindle. However, when I read a book just for fun, the cover matters. There are so many books out there that it takes something special for a book to break away from the pack. A great cover can intrigue me into reading a blurb or a blog post and in turn into buying a book. I’m a very visual person and I just can’t switch it off. When a cover is amazing it makes me want to find out more. If a cover looks like it was created by an amateur or like a badly edited photoshop experiment, it makes me vary about the editing and the content of the book.

Now, I don’t see those worst case covers that really don’t appeal to me often, but there are many very similar covers that after a while blur together. They just don’t grab my attention, even if they don’t negatively affect my perception of the book. I know that the amount of influence authors have over their cover is also limited. There is a tight budget and sometimes only one cover can be afforded. Some authors have to be happy with what they are given, others can work with a cover artist to get their vision taken into account (though often the instincts authors have for covers would not work well visually and the cover authors find a compromise). Sometimes the authors have full control, especially if they self-publish. Still, whatever the case, I can’t help but be influenced.

In the case of the old covers of the ‘Home’ series I was charmed. The covers were beautifully drawn and there was a kind of magic about them. I could feel the connection and love between the main protagonists and I was very much drawn to the series due to the beautiful cover art and listened to books 1-6 back-to-back as audiobooks.

For me the new covers are still beautiful, but they don’t have this softly drawn quality and magical draw for me. Perhaps I just need to grow used to them. I do love that they show real couples, who look like they are in love and have chemistry. It’s not just models placed together by photoshop. That is really cool and a nice thing to see. They are just very different than I anticipated, very different than the old covers and the design is fresh and different to most covers I see in this genre.


Dana – 

I’m a little bit weird when it comes to book covers. Very often that first image will give me a feel if I want to read a book or not. But I have never rejected or bought a book solely for the cover. Blurbs and word of mouth help me make my decision. I’m glad that I never let a cover stop me, because there have definitely been books I’ve loved with covers that were less than appealing to me.

My favorite covers usually are on the romantic or sexy side. I love black and whites, it can be one man or two, but I like realistic images. Artistic covers with no men can be really good too. Drawn covers were actually my least favorite, they felt sort of fake or cheesy. It would make me worry would feel that way as well. So it’s funny to me.that when I saw the new covers of the Home series by Cardeno C. featuring real people in romantic poses that I found I liked the old covers more.

I think for this series in particular, the old drawn covers implied a softness that I felt reflected the very sweet stories in this series. I like the new covers, but prefer the old ones. Either set of covers, the individual stories inside are all different from each other. The pov’s vary from first person to third, and in some books are told from one persons view, in others we see both main characters viewpoints. Each story is wonderful with lots of passion and sweetness. If you haven’t checked them out, I’d highly recommend them.

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8 thoughts on “Judge a book by the cover? @CardenoC #HomeSeries

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  2. I was never drawn to the original covers…and as much as I like Cardeno’s work, that series is not one I’ve read as yet and to be honest I think it DID come down to the covers. They don’t appeal to me at all (funnily enough I have no problems with the Mates series covers as they seem truer to life….the looks on the men’s faces in the Home covers are just weird <–my 2 cents) I love the new covers and the only holding me back from buying the books now is a serious lack of funds!

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  3. I agree that the new covers look great, but I’m definitely still more of a fan of the older covers. Part of the reason is because of nostalgia. I just really remember all the happy memories of reading these when I see the cover. The other reason is because the people on the covers actually look like the characters, at least in terms of tattoos (Drew, Noah), and events referenced in the books. Either way, the words are what make the stories amazing, so I don’t mind the switch that much.


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