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Pot Of Gold RGRHi guys! It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Skylar M. Cates’ brand-new M/M Romance book ‘Here For You’. It’s always awesome, when an author takes the time to let us know a bit about themselves or the book they write and in this post, you will learn about 5 songs that inspired this new book. You will also have the chance to win an E-Copy of the book if you share with us, which songs you have been recently inspired by. (More info on the contest below). Looking forward to reading your answers! With no further ado, here’s today’S new release ‘here for you’ 🙂


Life is a thread connecting us. One pull and it all unravels.

Cole Gannon arrives in the seaside town of Ocean Vista to work as a bartender and finally find a place to belong. Determined to make a home for himself, Cole lives happily with his four colorful roommates, whom he considers brothers. The only problem is Cole’s attraction to Ian Stark—a guy all wrong for him. He wishes he didn’t keep running into the sexy lawyer.

Ian knows Cole is attracted to him, but the younger man keeps him at arm’s length. It only makes Ian more determined to be with Cole and learn all his secrets. But while Ian has built a successful law practice, he hasn’t done too well with relationships.

When a sudden and devastating tragedy occurs, it shatters Cole’s world and throws Cole and Ian together in unexpected ways. In an instant, everything between them changes forever.









‘Four songs that inspired the novel’ by Skylar M. Cates


1: “Lay Me Down” Sam Smith (acoustic)

An emotional book needs an emotional song, doesn’t it? I listened to this during the sweet and sad scenes between Ian and Cole.

Can I lay by your side, next to you, you

And make sure you’re alright

I’ll take care of you

This is very much like Ian’s character. He only wants Cole happy and whole.

It’s hard. The days just seem so dark… Deny this emptiness, this hole that I’m inside

These tears, they tell their own story

A real fit for Cole, whose sensitive and trying to be strong.


2: Joe Cocker “With a Little Help from my Friends”

This is a story of friendship as much as it’s a romance. There are these guys all renting a house together in South Florida, but they’re more than housemates. They’re like family. Cole regards his roommates are “brothers,” although he learns it is more complicated than that.

Does it worry you to be alone?

How do I feel by the end of the day?

(Are you sad because you’re on your own?)

No, I get by with a little help from my friends

I get high with a little help from my friends

Gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody? I need somebody to love

Could it be anybody? I want somebody to love

Yes, it’s also The Wonder Years theme song. So what? Joe Cocker’s voice, so full of grit and beauty, is still my favorite version of the song. RIP, Joe.

3: Alicia Keys “Un-Thinkable”


I play this song right before composing many of my sex scenes. Her songs and lyrics are so hot.

For Cole and Ian, though, this song really felt right. They hesitated. It was all angst-filled, and then the first sex scene between these two was irresistible.

Giving me a feeling I never felt before (and I deserve it)

Yes, Cole you do deserve it


It’s becoming something that’s impossible to ignore

And I can’t take it

Yes, Ian—you can’t ignore him


Time is only wasting

Why wait for eventually?

Time is a big theme in the book. It’s loss or gain. How we handle the hours of our lives.

If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy

Or would it be so beautiful either way I’m sayin’

If you ask me, I’m ready

Hope the readers are ready too!


4: One Republic “I Lived”

There’s a scene in the book where the housemates toast each other, and I had this song playing as I wrote it. This lyric in my head:

And when that sun goes down

Hope you raise your cup

This song resonates too because Ian and Cole ultimately decide to try love:

Hope that you fall in love

And it hurts so bad

The only way you can know

You gave it all you had

They leap together. They risk it all, and explore what they’d put off. This song expressed it perfectly.


Bonus song:

The title of the entire series, Sunshine and Happiness, comes from this line in a Rod Stewart tune:

“And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home”


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Skylar M. Cates loves a good romance.She is quite happy to drink some coffee, curl up with a good book, and not move all day. Most days, however, Skylar is chasing after her husband, her kids, and her giant dog, Wasabi. On a shoestring budget, Skylar has been lucky enough to have traveled all over the country, and she still loves to chat with people from all around the globe. Skylar can be reached at skylarmcates@yahoo.com.


GiveawayFor the chance to win an E-Copy of ‘Here For You’ by Skylar M. Cates,

answer the following question in the comments: “What songs have inspired you lately?”

You need to be 18 years or older to participate in this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Etc.

This Giveaway will end on March 10th, 2015 at 11:59 PM CST. Good Luck!


18 thoughts on “‘Here For You’ by Skylar M. Cates #LGBT #GuestPost #Giveaway #ReleaseDay

  1. Lovely post. The song that have inspired me lately is Someone like You by Adele. I know it’s not a new one but it’s giving me strength lately.


  2. Thanks for sharing your song list for your new book. Take Me to Church by Hozier has been non-stop playing in my head this past week. Even though its been out for over a year and half I have heard it played three times this week while out and about and its stuck.


  3. I love music. I´m a big fan of rock music and there are so many great songs. But the first cd single i gave my boyfriend (now my husband) in 1998 was When Susannah Cries by Espen Lind. You can look it up on youtube. The acoustic live versions are beautiful. It always brings back good memories to me.

    If you look it up on youtube you also have to look at the foursome of Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm they are great together and their voices are beautiful.

    Love your books slylar, thanks for the giveaway.


  4. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful by Gary Allan. You just have remember the beautiful ride life is. Congrats on the book release!!!!


  5. I’m a huge fan of classical music so Luce dei miei occhi by Ludovico Einaudi is something that makes me shiver all over.


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