Meet Euro Pride Con Attendee: Monika De Giorgi #LGBT #Guestpost

Euro PrideHi guys,

today we will introduce to you Monika De Giorgi. She is a German author living rather close to Munich and will bring out two English M/M novels soon. She is a well-known author in the genre in Germany and can now experience the fun and excitement of being introduced to a new readership with her Englisch releases. She also loves to read English M/M books and likes to listen to M/M Audiobooks and reviews those on her German Review Blog. If you want to join her and all the other amazing authors in Munich, you can find more info on the Euro Pride Con website and register HERE!

Among all commenters of this tour, we will randomly draw one winner for a $25 voucher to a book retailer of their choice 🙂

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Now, without further ado, … MEET MONIKA DE GIORGI!



Hi there,

my name is Monika De Giorgi, called Moni by my friends and most of my readers.

I’m a writer of M/M-Romance since 2006 (longer actually, but I got my first contract 2006). My preferred genres for writing are Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy but I will dip my nose in anything if my muse kisses me. To date all my stories are published in German, but I started writing English some time ago and I am working on two projects at the moment.

I have working titles for them; one is called „Addiction“ and is urban fantasy, the other is named „Where I’ll be waiting“ and I’m not really sure where to place it. Somewhere between paranormal, romance and urban fantasy, I think. Genres sometimes feel a bit constricting to me and most of the time I just want to make up my own.

I have published four books at the moment. Two are part of a series called „Edens Asche“ (Edens Ashes), and „Edens Asche – Engel der Rosen“ (Edens Ashes – Angel of Roses). The other ones are „Schmerz – Blut – Liebe“ (Pain – Blood – Love), a collection of short stories and poetry, and „Eerie Spook“, a novella I’d place under Paranormal Romance as well, but it’s a fun book with a lovely dog, not a spooky one. You can find out more about them at

When I’m not writing I’m usually at my day job as an assistant for a team of crazy guys behind film cameras. I love that I’m surrounded by creative people all the time and my work place feels like a second family.

In my spare time I like to read. I really, really read a lot! As I’m commuting by train to and from work, it is the perfect opportunity to read or listen to audio books. So my kindle gets steadily filled with novels by my favorite authors and others that peak my interest. I love books and asking me for reading recs is at your own risk, because I won’t shut up for a long time afterward.

If you won’t risk this verbal avalanche about books, authors, characters and plots, you could choose the safe route and visit my blog, also at You’ll find reviews of many books, audiobooks and also some movies strewn in.


I tried to name favorite books and authors here, but I just can’t decide. I don’t want to leave someone out, so I will just stick with the ones that inspired me to start writing in earnest and not just for myself.

These were first Anne Rice – she inspired a deep love for the creatures of the night in me and I just love her way with words. Her books have a lush sensuality I can just dive into. The other author is Laurell K. Hamilton. I just adore her Merry Gentry series. She writes erotica in a way that is always prickling, but never cheap.

To write M/M-Romance was not really a decision I made one day. It just happened. My main character Damian in „Edens Asche“ fell in love and it was with a man. In these days I didn’t write with a firm outline. I started the story when I was 18 and it was first written on legal pads (and other pieces of paper). I kept them in folders and boxes. The story just poured out of me and I wrote everywhere, at school, on train- and bus rides etc. Afterwards, I really liked what I had written and turned it into a manuscript. It was hard work, but also a lot of fun.

Nowadays, I start my projects at my laptop most of the time. But for complicated scenes or when I’m stuck, I turn back to the pen and paper method. It helps me to think better and more structured, somehow.

M/M-Romance stayed with me after „Edens Asche“. I write M/F sometimes, but my heart is with M/M-Stories and my muse tends to lead me in this direction more often than not. We both love it, it seems.

Why I decided to come to Euro Pride Con? I always wished for a convention like this, closer to my home. And closer than Munich is barely possible. This was like a wish made true by my Fairy Godmother. Also, a lot of authors I look up to come to this event and publishers that make up most of the filled memory on my kindle. So, there really was no chance I would not attend.

I so look forward to July. Thank you Marc, for inviting me .

That’s all about me for the moment. If you have any questions, just post it in the comments or drop me a line.

I hope to meet you all at Euro Pride Con!





Monika De Giorgi is a nerd, bookworm and author of M/M-Romance. Her first book got published 2007, three more followed since then. Her favorite genres are Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy (with a healthy dose of Romance). She lives with two dogs and her cat in the suburbs of Rosenheim (near Munich) and works as assistant for a film team. She’s never seen without something to read and traveling without her laptop and several notebads is just not imaginable.



Twitter: @monidg


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19 thoughts on “Meet Euro Pride Con Attendee: Monika De Giorgi #LGBT #Guestpost

  1. It’s wonderful that the convention will be nearby for you to attend. Wishing you a great time meeting other authors and fans at the convention.


  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking a question? There are a lot of readers around the world that read in English and it’s there second language and I’ve always wanted to know is it easy to learn to read in English? I hope you enjoy your time and the convention.


    • Hi 🙂 No, I certainly don’t mind. I always really enjoyed English at school and took up reading English when I found a book by an author I loved, that had not been translated into german in my local bookstore. It was a bit challenging to get into the book at first, but soon I enjoyed it much more than reading the translation :). Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to the Convention so much.


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  4. I’m always on the lookout for more m/m mystery and fantasy. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to read some of your books in English. Hope you have tons of fun at the Con. 🙂


  5. You’re a new to me author Moni! Thanks for the post and insight into your books. I will definitely be checking them out after I finish here. I hope you have a great time at the Con!


  6. Have a wonderful time at the Con! I can’t wait to read your books that will be in English! (Maybe you can release the others in English also?)


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