A Good Deed Done by Pelaam #LGBT #Review

Tracy reviews ‘A Good Deed Done’ by Pelaam. Published by MLR Press March 6th 2015, 46 pages

This book was provided free of charge for an honest review by the publisher. 😉

Why I read this book: I wanted to read this short story because it ticked every one of my like boxes.



Conner is a hard working farmer with a generous heart and a lonely existence. When a couple of his much needed milk cows go missing he tries to find them. Instead he finds that some legends are truths. Faoladh, werewolves, exist, and a good deed done a couple of years earlier to an injured young wolf leads to changes in his life he could never have imagined.


Delighted to have such a beautiful mate as Ciaran at his side, Conner feels his life is complete. But another man’s greed threatens to destroy Conner and Ciaran’s happiness.



Pot Of Gold 9half

 9.5/10 Pots of Gold


Firstly let me say the book cover is simply stunning, the title fits the story perfectly. I’m not going to go deep into the plot as it will be very easy to post spoilers.

Connor is a sweet and loving farmer of old, while checking his traps for rabbits he hears a strange noise, an animal in pain. He finds a hurt wolf, he tends to the animal with kindness.

Ciaran is a faoladh (werewolf), he is too young to claim his mate when they first meet, he watches and waits till the time is right.

This is a wonderful story of kindness, love, fantasy, myths and the feeling of going back in time to olden day Ireland. It shows that the good prosper and that greed gets their just deserts. Set on a small farm with cows for income, selling milk at a daily market. While reading the book seems to transport you back in time, to when the world was a simpler place.

Overall a great read that was different in every way, this made a very refreshing change to other shifter books that I have read.

I will be reading lots more by this author in the future…

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Living in New Zealand I’m a multi-published author of m/m romance and erotica. My preferred genres are paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk. When not writing I can be found indulging in my other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.



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