‘Against His Orders’ by Lindsay M. Joslyn @MLRPress #LGBT #Review

Dana and Bethany review ‘Against His Orders’ (Logan Harris series Book 1) by Lindsay M. Joslyn (Published by ManLove Romance on January 29, 2015)

Why we read this book:

Dana: After being skeptical of a negative review of the story, we at Rainbow Gold Reviews asked for a copy for review to form our own opinions and share them.

Bethany: We were discussing this book after I saw a review that was upset with the ending.  Well I thought lets read it for ourselves and see what the fuss was all about.

We were offered this book in exchange for an honest review.

picBlurb: Just as Captain Logan Harris is about to secure peace for the Western frontier, the vengeful brother of his murdered lover shows up and threatens to destroy everything Logan has fought for.

Captain Logan Harris is about to make history. Before him stands the frontier’s most fierce Sioux warriors, ready to sign a peace treaty after years of bloodshed. Just as it seems Logan will be able to secure the West for safe passage and put his past behind him, a mysterious shot rings out and a lone cavalryman rushes the battlefield. Horrified, Logan recognizes the shooter as his murdered lover’s younger brother, Benjamin Langer. Forced to put everything he fought for aside, Logan must risk it all to save Ben’s life.


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Dana: I love historical novels and have read many, though only a handful in the m/m romance genre. When I used to read m/f historical romance, there were many books written about members of different Native American tribes as main characters. Though the Sioux Indians in this book aren’t the main characters, they play a very important part of the story.

I’m going to start off by saying that this book has the most negative portrayal of Native Americans I’ve ever read. Is it historically accurate? Probably. Honestly, what can you expect with the American government doing their best to destroy their very lifestyle and forcing them onto reserved lands instead of the freedom they had originally. I can understand their anger and possibly their need to attack instead of falling into line.The fact the soldiers showed no remorse or apathy with the tribes they were displacing, is perhaps historically accurate as well.

In the present day, I can’t help but wish the Native Americans were peaceful in this story. I wish that the soldiers would have expressed one moment of sadness at what they were trying to do. There was a distinct lack of respect on both sides in this story. So for me, the story did bother me a little bit. It’s purely a preference thing, it’s not to say anything about the author’s research or writing that raised any objections for me.

As far as the romance part of the story, I thought the attraction and physical relationship between Ben and Logan proceeded fast, but the two had known each other a long time and there was a lengthy attraction on at least one of their parts. There was a lot of action going on in the story that prevented me from getting a good feel for their relationship and I hope that it is given more time in the next book of this series. The two do face a lot of difficulties from the Native American warriors to a tornado that threatens the whole area. Being set in Kansas, a plains state in the area known as “tornado alley” it’s not too far-fetched, but just adds to the busyness of the story.

Now since the main objection to the story in the review we read was the ending, I will express my thoughts. First it does say this is the Logan Harris series book 1, so I didn’t expect their story to be over at the end of this book or for there to be a HEA or HFN finish. It does end rather abruptly and in a sort of crucial moment, but I wouldn’t say it’s much different then a cliffhanger in a season finale of your favorite television drama series. If cliffhanger’s do bother you I’d suggest you wait until the second book is out but it didn’t shock me or leave me angry to have to wait for the next part. And though I did wish for better behavior on both sides of the war going on, I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.


Bethany: I am not one for historical books.  I was not a fan of history in school so those are not the type of books I seek out.  Now that said I am glad I read this one.

While Dana was bothered with the way the Native Americans were portrayed.  It did not take away from the story for me.  Is it upsetting how they were treated?  Yes but I could detach myself from it and let myself be lost in the story and not what actually happened.  So that said I was equally pissed off on both parties, but had they signed the treaty right away there wouldn’t be much of a story, so I can see why the author did this.

Ok my issue with Ben and Logan, well I have two issues really, the first is the fact that Ben’s brother was Logan’s lover for years.  And the second ties in with the first issue.  The speed at which Logan and Ben ended up together, I just felt that if my dead lover’s baby brother just admitted he was in love with me I would feel guilt at even having those thoughts for Ben.  Yes I know that this is a short book, but it felt like one minute they were at each other’s throats and they next they could not keep their hands off each other.

Ok yes some parts of this book seem way out of left field.  But then again it is fiction.  I found myself enjoying it and will have to say that the end did not bother me one bit.  Yes the relationship for me was rushed and by the time I got to the end I wanted more, I need to see what happens.

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