Encore: A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology #Release Day Review #LGBT

Dawn Reviews Encore: A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology by  (Published by Wayward Ink Publishing on March 20th, 2015



An anthology about musicals… with a twist.
Who can resist a musical?
We at Wayward Ink certainly can’t!
Boys and Girls, go don your tux. Slink into your gown. Strap on your heels. Dust off that tiara and wrap yourselves in a feather boa!
Come celebrate the extravaganza with us!
Waltz through ten short stories inspired by some of the world’s most popular musicals.

Encore - WIP



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What’s Up Pussycat? –  Louise Lyons

Heartbroken Finley fears he’ll never recover from the loss of his lover, Andrew, who was a star of the Cats musical.

But then Finley has an idea…  What if he were to take Andrew’s part in the musical and hopefully make his man proud?

Finley is a heartbroken man, almost just like a shell of the person he was, due to the death of his lover six months earlier.  He doesn’t know what to do, but then decides to audition for the part of Mistoffelees, which he knows well as this was a part his lover had played.  He is surprised when he gets the part, and then once there meets James, who turns out to be a wonderful friend to Finley, and this seems to help Finley start to heal.  He also meets Karl, who seems to be so full of his own importance, but as the saying goes looks can be deceiving, and this is totally the case with Karl, as Finley finds out…….


Over The Rainbow  –  Lily G. Blunt

Dorian has been cast as Dorothy in his school’s production of The Wizard of Oz.

Like his character, Dorian is about to discover whether dreams really do come true.

Dorian has started his career as a teacher, but he is finding that he is attracted to his mentor and superior Mark Leonard.  He spends his evenings at home fantasizing about him, and feels that nothing could ever come of it, as Mark is straight.  However, a day spent together during school break and getting the part of Dorothy, things seem to be going well, especially when Dorian learns that Mark is gay….. that is, until for some reason Mark stops talking to Dorian, and seems to be avoiding him at all costs.

Dorian is confused, and has no idea what he has done.  Can he find out what has changed Mark before his big performance……


Broadway Devils  –  Eric Gober

A geek and his flashy rival . . .       A leading man they both love . . .

A starring role they both want . . .    All’s fair in love and Broadway.

May the best diva take it all!

Andy thought he was in love with Flynn, but thought Flynn hadn’t noticed him –  this was not the case as he found out later……

Flynn was taking the leading role in their version of Chicago, and Andy had been demoted to being the person who did all the odd jobs, even though he knew all the choreography for the songs. The only concession was that Andy was to be the understudy for all the roles.

Things seem to get worse for the boys who are together to do their version of Chicago, which isn’t helped when Andy chases after two of them with a paint gun, after he caught them on his bed!!

Can Andy finally save the day with the help of his friend called Momma??  Does Flynn realise that Andy is interested in him??

Do Andy and Flynn ever get to spend some time together getting to know each other??


Angel in the Wings  –  Asta Idonea

When handsome Phantom, Christopher Keane requests Marcus as his dresser, the action in the wings could be just as exciting as anything taking place on stage

Marcus had dreams of treading the boards of the West End theatre, but all his dreams were shattered with an accident, which resulted in his leg brace. He still worked at the West End Theatre, but backstage instead.

Marcus was so self conscious of his brace, he hated the pitying looks, the avoiding him like it was catching, that he stayed in the shadows away from everyone.  He loved watching The Phantom from the wings, as he could totally relate to the character, even though he thought of Christopher Keane who played him, as Mr Smug Git 2014!  Mind you, he was gorgeous in Marcus’ eyes, even with all the make-up.

Marcus was amazed to be moved to being the person who oversaw The Phantoms costume changes, but he seemed to get on well with Christopher. Things came adrift one day, when Marcus had become very aroused by Christophers’ actions,but when he looked at Christopher, he was smirking…… and Marcus, with his self-confidence being so low, decided that Christopher was playing a cruel joke on him, and did the only thing he could….. he bolted from the dressing room and didn’t stop until he got home, in agony and a broken man.

Can Marcus ever find someone who will overlook his disability and love him for who he is??  Was Christopher just playing with his feelings, or does he actually feel something for him??……………

My South Pacific  –  Taylin Clavelli

British born Callum has given up on love.  Will he find it again among the Hawaiian reefs?  Or will there be more sharks

After some depressing dating times,Callum decided to go to Hawaii.  He managed to find some funding to study the environmental effects on the marine life, and then also sold everything else he had except Turtle…. who was going with him.

Callum settled quickly into the life in Hawaii, and into his role at the local college.  A few months after he had arrived, the rest of his dive team decided that it was about time he went out with them to chill out.  Callum had been keeping to himself since arriving, but even he had noticed that Professor Alika who was the head of his dive team was gorgeous.

Callum was totally conflicted, as he was drawn to the head of his dive team, but thought he could do nothing about it.  Alika was attracted to Callum, and took matters into his own hands.

However, has Callum chosen wrong again??  Does Alika feel the same as Callum does??  Is there any chance they can be together??

Enjoy The Show  –  Lisa A. Adams

Dylan Rucker’s online dating adventures landed him the perfect match.  When “Mister Right” stands him up at the dinner theater, Dylan wants to crawl home defeated.  But, the night is young…  

With an unexpected flirtation with the lead actor, Dylan must decide.   Hold out for his “Mister Right”?   Or, sit back and enjoy the show?

Dylan is stood up when meeting his perfect match on a blind date for the first time, at a dinner theatre.  He decides, that although he has been stood up, that he will stay and watch the show, and almost immediately he is drawn to the lead character Curly.

As the evening progresses, Dylan is passed a note from the actor playing Curly, asking him to stay after the show.  As he is debating about this, he then receives a message from his Steven, his blind date apologising for standing him up, but asking him to wait for him after the show.

Dylan is completely torn…… who does he stay to meet, the actor playing Curly or his blind date Steven??  He decides meet neither of them and manages to escape straight after the show, but the following day he receives a text from Steven apologising and asking him to meet him at a local park.

Dylan goes to the park, but he is in for quite the surprise……..


The One That I Want  –  R.J. Jones

“What, you don’t think Danny’s hot?”

“I prefer Kenickie. He can pin me against a wall anytime.”

Jason saw Paul every morning as he took the elevator up to work….. but although he thought he was gorgeous, he had decided that he was out of his league.  To make sure they didn’t meet, Jason started taking the stairs to avoid him, until Paul realised what he was going and waited for him one morning.

Paul invited Jason out to see Wicked, but Jason declined, he already had his own ticket.  However, they met there during the interval and Paul asked Jason to sit with him for the remainder of the show, which Jason did.

Things seemed to be going well between the two men, until late one night Paul got a phone call, and disappeared.

Jason thought Paul cared for him but was he wrong??  Does Paul manage to convince Jason to take a chance on him???


A Touch Glamour  –  Alina Popescu

Tudor has big plans for New York City.  Ditch his homophobic colleague. See a musical. Definitely check out the go-go boys.

Meeting one Phantom on Grindr wasn’t in the script.  Tudor gets caught up in a whirlwind when his favorite musical character steps off the stage and into his life.

Wow, this is one book where I wanted to bash the homophobic colleague!!

Tudor is visiting New York City for work, and while he is there he decides that he must see a musical. He tries to go alone, but Radu his homophobic colleague decides he must go too.  There is nothing that Tudor can do to get rid of Radu…… or is there?  Tudor decides to download Grindr, in the hopes that it will make Ragu go away.

Tudor messages someone via Grindr, and this in turn makes Ragu leave him alone for a while. Tudor messages with someone who calls himself Phantom.  During the interval, they message each other again, and when the Phantom realises where Tudor is, he suggests that they meet after the show.

Tudor has no idea who he has been messaging….. and when someone comes to collect him after the show, he is amazed that he is taken to the man he has been watching intently that evening Vincent.

They spend an evening together, and then arrange to meet the next day…… what does lay in store for them……… Can they escape from Ragu??


 A Man Who Measures Up  –  Cecil Wilde

When you’re in musical theater, love is just a jump to the left and a step to the right.

Damien works in the costume department, and this is where he meets Jareth.  Jareth has come to see him so that he can produce the costume required for the production.

Damien is watching the full dress rehearsal for the show when Jarred has an accident.   Damien straight away helps Jareth taking him to the hospital, waiting for him to be seen, and then taking him back to his house to recuperate.  They get to know each other more…. chatting like old friends.

They both get really busy with the show, and hardly see each other, but then when Damien returns to his room one day, there is an envelope addressed to him asking him to go to the last show the following day….. is this the start of something???


A Night at the Opera  –  Vanessa Clark

Rick never cared for opera.  He thought opera singers were old, outdated, and fat.

That was until he met Giovanni, an opera singer who’s far from that!

No. Giovanni is statuesque, young, refreshing, and beautiful.  Giovanni opened Rick’s mind to a new world, and Rick’s first ever opera experience definitely wasn’t going to be his last.

But little does Giovanni realize that Rick will open his mind to a new experience too…

Rick was dragged along to an opera by his best friend.  He went thinking he would totally hate it.

After the show, Rick gets to meet Giovanni, and falls completely in lust with him!  Rick and his friend Benny go and see Giovanni every week.  Rick then asks if he can see Giovanni practising his warm up vocals before a show, and Giovanni agrees. The two men chat and get to know each other better, along with a few kisses……..

Has Giovanni converted Rick to being an opera fan??  Has Rick shown Giovanni how things could be between them??


Pot Of Gold 9

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