‘The Playmaker’ by Lane Swift #Review #LGBT #Release Day #Lesfic

Dawn reviews The Playmaker by Lane Swift, which is published by Less Than Three Press on 8th April 2015, and is 127 pages long approx.

This review copy was provided by LT3P for the purpose of an honest review.

The Playmaker

Ask Meg, and she’ll say she’s content. A promising career, a steady boyfriend—her future is secure. Just like her position on the Brentley Women’s Rugby Team.

Her fascination with Jacqueline, the team’s wild and beautiful flanker—that’s nothing more than infatuation. When Jacqueline unexpectedly corners her and kisses her breathless, Meg is blindsided.

Forced to admit her secure future isn’t nearly as appealing as it had seemed, Meg realises she has two options: keep playing it safe or change the game.



When we first meet Meg, she seems to have everything in her life, just as she needs things – she is living with her boyfriend, is on her way to becoming a teacher and playing for the local Rugby team.

However, going alone to a party with her team-mates, Meg is cornered by Jacqueline, who kisses her and awakens feelings inside of her, she hadn’t had since she had been with her boyfriend Fraser.  Mind you, although she had been with Fraser for two years, she was becoming increasingly unsettled.

After the kiss they shared, Meg is thrown into total confusion, and she is totally unsure of what to do next.  While travelling to a job interview, she then takes a good long look at her life, and decides that things can not possibly stay as they are.  She realises that her feelings she has for Jacqueline are a lot deeper than the feelings that she has for Fraser.  She is unsure of exactly what she wants, but she does know that she can no longer continue with her charade with Fraser.  She also knows that nothing can happen between her and Jacqueline, as she is already in a relationship with Luisa.

When she finally breaks from Fraser, she stays with a friend to sort herself out, to decide where she is going to work, find a place to live and to try and put her feelings for Jacqueline behind her.

However, things are not always as they seem, and Jacqueline may well feature in her future…. and you also find that Jacqueline is not as confident as Meg assumes her to be…….


Pot Of Gold 9



Less Than Three Press


Amazon UK



Lane Swift is a fiction writer, mainly of contemporary romance, sometimes featuring a mild dash of paranormal. She lives by the sea in Hampshire, England, with her husband, two children, and two guinea pigs, and can often be found at her beach hut, imbibing coffee and dreaming up happy-ever-afters for her heroes and heroines.

Over the years, she’s worked as a waitress, a lab technician, a science teacher, and a telecommunications consultant. She’s also played women’s rugby, climbed one mountain, and run one marathon, but has never managed to learn how to whistle.




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