Adam Ramos Was a Stud by Rider Cox @coxrider86 #LGBT #Review

Tracy reviews ‘Adam Ramos Was a Stud’ by Rider Cox. Published on April 20th 2014, 43 pages.

This book was provided free of charge for an honest review by the author. 😉

Why I read this book: I wanted a quick short story….





Hoping to fight off his fatigue before a Friday afternoon of class, Jacob walks into the bathroom to get a glimpse of his good looks and splash water on his face. But when he encounters fellow senior and star football player Adam Ramos, Jacob gets a surprise awakening that he could only have imagined. As Adam pins him against the wall, Jacob must decide if he should give into his desires or fight against the life of servitude he so desperately craves.




Pot Of Gold 6

6/10 Pots of Gold

Jacob is small and slim, very Gay, just turned 18 and can’t wait to go to college. Friday has been a long day for him, he steps in the bathroom to cool off before class and in walks the hunky Adam.

Adam can’t believe his luck. He walks into the bathroom to clean up after playing sports and there he encounters cute Jacob.

This is a short story of sex, kink and more kink. There is very little story or plot except that Adam wants a slave to do everything he wants him to do. Jacob fits the bill perfectly. There is nothing sweet and tender about this book. The kink seemed over the top at times, though that may be because I am not familiar with this kind of humiliation play. Jacob loved everything that happened between him and Adam, everything was consensual.

Overall, this was an ok read for me, but I was uncomfortable with the humiliation play and watersports. I would have wished the author had included a warning, so someone more suitable for this content could have reviewed the book and potential readers would have a better idea about what they should expect.

 Still, I would defnitly recommend this book to readers who enjoy this kind of BDSM.

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Rider Cox is the author of Adam Ramos Was a Stud, a novelette chronicling a chance encounter that leads young Jacob Adams down a path he only ever thought would be contained to fantasies. Rider’s upcoming work will include several short stories that explore various aspects of Dominant/submissive relationships as well as the continuation of the Adam Ramos series. The first of these short stories, Juan, is AVAILABLE NOW!

Rider received his undergraduate degree in History at New York University. Though still a history buff, he is most fascinated by human relationships and how they can evolve in surprising, often titillating ways.

When he’s not writing, Rider enjoys taking photographs, long dinners with friends and exploring New York City.


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