‘Never Too Early: Finding Their Own Way’ by Chris Owen and Tory Temple #Review #LGBT

Bethany reviews ‘Never Too Early: Finding Their Own Way’ by Chris Owen and Tory Temple.  Published by Torquere Press on April 15th 2015.

Why I read this book: I have read both ‘Heat’ by Tory Temple and ‘Bareback’ by Chris Owen and when I read the blurb I was curious to see what would happen between these two established couples.

We were offered a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

nte-findingtheirway1400Continuing from the first book in the series (Never Too Early: The Beginning), Chance and Tucker and Jake and Tor find themselves involved in a friendship that goes much deeper than any of them initially suspected.

Jake has been released from the hospital following his fall from the roof, and Chance and Tucker agree to stay in Arkansas for several days to help Tor with Jake’s care. Chance, however, spends much of his time trying to resist the growing attraction he has for Jake. The confusion between the love he has for Tucker and the new feelings for Jake play tricks with Chance’s mind. Is any of this a good idea, or are all of them headed for disaster?

For his part, Jake has to reconcile not only his growing feelings and physical attraction to Chance, but also the promises he and Tor made to each other. They rebuilt their own relationship in the wake of mistakes neither one of them wishes to repeat.  How much communication and longing can one — or two — relationships take?

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ReviewOk I need to start off by saying I have read ‘Heat’ and gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.  I have also read ‘Bareback’ & ‘Natural Disaster’ and loved them.  Tor and Jake are one of my all time favorite couples and ‘Bareback’ is a comfort read for me.  So I was perfectly content with the ending for both of these couples.  But when I saw that these two authors would be writing a book about all four of these men, well I was curious to see just what would happen.

I finished this a few days ago and had planned to write the review as soon as I was done, but when I read the final word I knew I would need to sit on it for a while to get my thoughts in order.  Like I said, ‘Bareback’ is a comfort read for me so I was perfectly happy with their HEA.  I didn’t know how I would feel if they started a relationship with another couple.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the other couple but I guess I am just a sap and didn’t want to think about them having to face any more issues.  But the idea of FOUR hot guys coming together, well what can I say?  Gimme.

I absolutely loved Tor and Tucker and how they acted with each other.  The playfulness they shared with each other was so much fun to witness. The twins. You could see how similar they are and how they work in their attraction to each other.  They are the ying to Chance & Jake’s yang.  And while Tucker and Tor are so much alike, you can see the similarities in Jake and Chance as well.  I think this is why they balance so well, while Tor and Tucker are the rowdy, rough and tumble, Chance and Jake are the calm, the anchor to their storm.

And that is how it goes, Jake and Chance, Tor and Tucker, Chance and Tucker, and Jake and Tor.  Not a foursome like I thought it would be but the way it ended, I think, leaves it open to the possibility of all four of them together.  After I finished the book I realized that this was book two and when I looked at book one, I realized I should have read it first because it looks like it explains how the two couples meet.  If you have not yet read ‘Heat’ or ‘Bareback’ I do suggest getting them read first as it will explain a lot.

I didn’t dislike this book, in fact I really enjoyed it.  I just think if Jake & Tor were not one of my favorite couples I probably would have given it more.  A lot of people will love it as an extension of both couples.  What I do know is I will be going back for book one and I will be getting book three when it comes out.  Because favorite couple or not, I am intrigued by where the authors will take all four men.

Pot Of Gold 8



2 thoughts on “‘Never Too Early: Finding Their Own Way’ by Chris Owen and Tory Temple #Review #LGBT

  1. I love the Bareback books and have been considering this, but I guess I would need to read the Heat books first. Thanks for the info. 🙂


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