Just That Easy by Madeline Kirby #LGBT #Review

Sam reviews Just That Easy by Madeline Kirby. Self-Published on March 12th 2015 and is 143 pages.

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.

Why I read this book: It sounded like a fun short story that I would enjoy.




Sean was the prom king, David was a nerd. But years later, when the two meet again in graduate school, they’re worlds away from what they had been in high school. After years as a closeted athlete, Sean is ready to live life on his own terms – and for him that includes a relationship with the handsome and prickly David Harper. David can’t believe that someone like Sean would actually be interested in him.

When they finally connect, it’s intense, erotic, and surprising for both of them. Will their insecurities keep them from giving their romance a fighting chance? Or will they be able to admit that sometimes it really can be just that easy?


Sean had spent enough years in the closet to have perfected his “we’re just two guys going to a football game, what could be more manly?” act. If David caught a hint of anything more, then it was only because Sean might purposely let the façade slip on occasion. By the time they reached the BART station after the game, Sean figured he had dropped enough discreet hints that David might be wondering about Sean’s motives. Looking around the crowded platform, Sean decided that David would have no doubts by the time they got back to Berkeley. When he saw the train approaching, Sean took David by the elbow and maneuvered them closer to the front of the platform. “What are you…?” “Just making sure we don’t get separated in the crowd.” The response seemed to satisfy David, and he relaxed, allowing Sean to guide him onto the train when it stopped. Sean saw what he was looking for – a corner across from the door where they could stand and the press of people would be the perfect excuse for him to stand too close. They wound up with David in the corner, facing the interior of the car and balancing himself by leaning against the angle formed by the car wall and the partition between the standing area and seats. Sean faced him, one hand braced on the wall and the other holding the bar along the ceiling. There was barely an inch between them, and if any more people got on board they would probably be pressed together from chest to thigh. David was a couple of inches shorter, and Sean looked down to see the other man chewing his bottom lip and turning slightly pink. The train started then, and Sean allowed the jerking motion to throw him against David in a full body press. David let out a small, startled sound. “Sorry,” said Sean, not really sorry at all. “It’s a little crowded in here.” “It’s okay. I was just startled – no harm done.” David was turning from pink to red. How cute was that? Sean stayed where he was, allowing the swaying and rocking of the train to move him back and forth, sometimes bumping, brushing, or pressing against David, who shifted his weight and was still red. Standing so close, David’s ear was only an inch or two away. Sean spoke just above a whisper, “I seem to be a little off balance.” “I… uh, yeah. The train and all… of course. Yeah,” David stammered. “Not exactly what I meant,” whispered Sean, and he pressed his pelvis against David, letting him feel the erection that had been growing since the train had started moving. David raised his eyes to meet Sean’s and his mouth dropped open. Sean chuckled, taking his hand from the wall to raise David’s jaw with his finger. He brushed his thumb over David’s chin, feeling the roughness of his shaved skin. He couldn’t resist rubbing his thumb over the spot again, harder, feeling the change in texture from David’s stubble when he changed direction. “Wh-what are you doing?” David whispered. Sean leaned in closer, his lips brushing against David’s ear. “I’m thinking about how I’d like to kiss you when we get off this train.”



Sean and David both attended the same high school but they didn’t run in the same circles. David was the gangly nerd and Sean was the football star and prom king. Seven years later they once again are attending the same school. But David is no longer the gangly nerd nor is Sean the football star.

Sean is now out of the closet and not afraid to go after what he wants. Which happens to be David. David can’t believe that of all people Sean is attracted to him. When the two finally admit that they are interested in each other things heat up relatively fast. The sex is hot and often but there is much more to their relationship. They are developing feelings and things are working out great for the couple. But is it too good to be true?

I like the authors writing style. The plot is good. The characters are well-developed and very likable. The book is funny and realistic with minimal drama.

If you’re looking for a light refreshing love story then I recommend reading Just that Easy by Madeline Kirby.

8/10 Pots of Gold

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Madeline Kirby is the nom de plume of an otherwise respectable professional living in a too-hot climate with her husband and their spoiled cats. When she’s not writing, or thinking about writing, she’s probably reading, or trying to get things to grow in her neglected garden, or looking for a new hobby to procrastinate with. She drinks too much tea to keep herself from drinking too much coffee. You can follow her blog at http://www.evilgeniusatwork.com


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