‘Illusions In The Mist’ by D.t. Peterson #LGBT #Review #RGRgiveaway

Bethany reviews ‘Illusions In The Mist’ by D.t. Peterson. Self-published on June 9th, 2015

We were offered and copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



Dominique was the girl of Zack’s dreams, she was everything he had ever hoped for and desired. Little did he realize everything was not always as it seemed, shrouded in the mist of uncertainty and a future he couldn’t comprehend. “Just remember,” she uttered, as they writhed in undulating, lust craved ecstasy, “there is no going back, some things can never be undone.” Had he only comprehended the finality of those words…




Review Ok let me start off by saying for someone who has read only m/m, with the occasional trans or f/f book, for the last four years the cover is probably one that I would overlook.  But let me tell you that would have been a mistake, and knowing the author and what he writes I knew it would still be one I would want to read.

This will not be a long review, it just can’t.  It is not a 200+ page novel, it’s a novella, but that is not why it won’t be long.  It will be on the shorter side because I don’t want to give too much away.  For a short book, it is jam packed with drama, mystery, love, sex, hurt and despair.

As with D.t.s ‘The Cove’ this one was a roller-coater of emotions.  But if you are looking for a book like ‘The Cove’ this is not going to be the one for your.  It is different, magical, it almost had a sci-fic feeling to it.  I am not sure that is what D.t. was going for but I liked it.  That is not the typical book that I would pick up but I am glad I did.

I really liked the secondary characters in  this book because they play a big roll in the book, but they don’t overpower it.  The story flows very well, and just when I think I have it all figured out, D.t. turns the story on its axis and takes it somewhere I didn’t expect.

Like I said if you are looking for a book like ‘The Cove’ you will not find it in this one.  But I encourage you to try it if you want something different and out of the norm.  It is a bit on the dark side, and a tad out of my comfort zone, but I do recommend reading it.  It will leave you saying “that is not what I was expecting but I am glad I tried it.”

Pot Of Gold 8

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D.t. is offering a signed paperback of ‘The Cove’, ‘Seduction in Red’, and ‘Illusions in the Mist’ to one lucky winner.  Comment below to be entered to win.  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address.

You need to be 18 or older to participate in this contest. Void where prohibited. Etc.

This contest will end on June 22nd at 11:59 PM CDT. Good Luck!


7 thoughts on “‘Illusions In The Mist’ by D.t. Peterson #LGBT #Review #RGRgiveaway

  1. Wonderful review leaves me fascinated and curious. I’ll have to check that book out and wouldn’t say no to signed paper copies of this author’s books either.


  2. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of this intriguing book and I wonder what the master story teller twists are in this story? I am not sure if this open to internationally entries or just US (as I am international and I know postage is costly to send books overseas, especially three books 🙂 ) slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com


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